What are the Benefits of a Good CrossFit Shoe?


Not all of us know what we are looking for most of the time, and it actually requires some research when you really need to get the best you can buy so it fits in with your preferences. When talking about CrossFit shoes, it is important first and foremost to know what CrossFit training is so we know what exactly we are looking for.

CrossFit is a training program wherein you can gain principal strength and conditioning for anything. Various professionals in their field of work both choose and are required to learn and train to become competent. For example, police, tactical teams, military members, martial artists, athletes, and other elite professionals all do CrossFit. Some are in it for work but many are in it for optimal fitness. This is where the consumers come in. It isn’t easy to say that any good shoe is fit for cross-training. It has to be a specialized shoe that can do what you need to do and that can carry your strength and durability. This is why you really need to know what you are planning to get. Let’s dig deeper.

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What is a good CrossFit shoe?

Whenever we do exercises and any physical or athletic activities, what do we want? The attire we usually go for is jogging pants or leggings, a loose shirt or a razor back, and sports attire or sports underwear, like a sports bra for women. Sure, we have to have all these, but what really matters and what do we NEED? The answer is shoes! We need the RIGHT shoe that can sustain what we do when training. It is very important to have balance when working out. This is why we need to know what a good CrossFit shoe is.

First off, you will need a shoe that is stable enough for all the activities you will do while training for CrossFit. It should be stable enough for weightlifting; light enough for sprints, jogging, and running; and flexible enough for jumping and other movements. It also depends on your own preferences, body type, and needs. Some shoes are good for only men, others are specifically women, and then there are some that are unisex. These are the basics when knowing what are good CrossFit shoes.

The bottom line is that there are characteristics and features that you have to make sure your shoe has to be able to sustain heavy training. These are:




Heel-to-toe drop

Shoe weight

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  1. I have started training for a Spartan race. I’m looking for a shoe that will work well for 1-3 miles runs plus gym/weight workouts. Do you have a suggestion?

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