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As the name implies, the best minimalist shoe for CrossFit is one that has the most minimal features inside and out so as to not hamper and slow down runners. It provides stability and the characteristic minimalist “heel-to-toe drop” without slowing you down. It’s the pair that allows you to run, jump, and lift weights as well.

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True, oly shoes may provide the utmost stability when it comes to weightlifting, but if you are bent on doing all the CrossFit routines, then your good old oly shoes just won’t fit the drill. You’ll need something lighter and more flexible like the best minimalist shoes for CrossFit.

Thinking of buying a new pair to make your CrossFit training a whole lot easier? Here are some options for the best minimalist CrossFit shoe:

New Balance Men’s MR20v1 Minimus Running Shoe

A lot of people say that this IS the pair that might just beat Reebok’s CrossFit shoes, what with features that match the latter’s at a price that everyone can afford. How can they make good shoes at a low price? Well, they don’t pay for expensive endorsers or ads – they simply rely on word-of-mouth advertisements and use the money for research and improvement. It has everything you’ll ever wish for in a shoe: lightness, breathability, minimum padding, and a low differential.

You can get the New Balance Minimus running shoe on Amazon now:

Merrell Men’s Bare Access 2 Minimal Running Shoe

Bare Access 2 boasts of a 0 mm drop on an 8 mm cushion and an EVA midsole, giving you the feeling of running barefoot. It’s breathable, washable, and generally able to provide you with utmost comfort while doing those lengthy, energy-draining CrossFit workouts. One downside, however, is that the Vibram outsole, which is supposed to make it more durable, tends to weigh it down. So, if you want something for speed, then the Merrell Men’s Bare Access Running Shoe might not be for you. But if you want that extra traction and stability during weightlifting, then this is definitely for you.

You can get this popular minimalist training shoe from Merrell on Amazon:

Fila Men’s Skele Toes Lite Barefoot Running Shoe

Skele Toes Lite Barefoot is the pair to have if you love to run on different terrains, whatever surfaces they may be. It’s not your usual five-toe shoe – it effectively encapsulates your fourth and fifth toes, making them less prone to injury. Its breathable upper allows air in so you’ll be assured of freshness every step of the way. It’s super light and flexible so you can run at whatever speed you desire.

The Fila Skele Toes Like Barefoot running shoe makes an excellent choice for a minimalist CrossFit shoe to help you get through those tough workouts. You can check it out for yourself on Amazon

Merrell Women’s Barefoot Run Bare Access Arc 2

Are you just starting with your CrossFit training? Would you like to have a pair that will allow you to move the CrossFit way yet provide you with the ease and comfort of sneakers? Then try Merrell Women’s Barefoot Run Bare Access Arc 2. It’s a light, zero-drop shoe that’s narrow on the heels and wide across the feet, making it perfect for women. It has breathable uppers for freshness, even for a whole day of training, a microfiber bed inside, and a Vibram sole outside for better traction on rough surfaces.

It’s an excellent choice for women looking to go with a minimal CrossFit shoe. It’s super comfortable, but has an extremely durable outsole that will protect your feet.

Check out the Merrell Barefoot Run Access shoes on Amazon today:

Vivobarefoot Women’s Breatho Trail Running Shoe

Are you looking for a pair that will provide comfort and convenience wherever you are? Then the Vivobarefoot Women’s Breatho might just be the right pair for you. It is specifically designed for ladies who have been into CrossFit training and have already developed the calves and muscles for wearing such a pair of powerful shoes. It has puncture-resistant soles and multidirectional lugs to protect your feet and increase your foothold as well. It also boasts a unique absorbent lining that keeps moisture away so you can run and jump all day long without feeling wetness or discomfort.

The zigzag lace not only looks cool – it secures your feet tightly as well. Fashion and practicality all in a single shoe? Love it! You can check out this popular CrossFit minimalist shoe on Amazon:

Fila Women’s Skele Toes Skeletoes EZ Slide Drainage

Fila Womens Skele-Toes have the same features as the ones made for men. The only difference is that it is designed to fit women’s feet – narrower at the heels and wider at the foot area. This enables women to do their CrossFit training in utmost style and comfort. You can get this top-quality minimalist shoe from Fila on Amazon today:

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