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crossfit termsCrossFit is one of the most popular trends out there.

In fact, if you’re just starting your CrossFit journey, you may struggle to understand some of those CrossFit terms!

Here, we’re decoding 12 of the most popular ones out there, so you never feel lost during a routine!

1. WOD

This is one of the most popular CrossFit terms, and is short for “Workout Of The Day.” The best part about CrossFit? You never know what to expect when you walk into your studio!

A varied workout is the entire basis of CrossFit. This way, you don’t over-develop one muscle, while leaving others in the dust. Plus, variety keeps you flexible, switches up your metabolism, and helps to get stronger faster.

Here are a few WODs that can be done at home to get you started on your fitness journey.


This is another one of those initial-based CrossFit terms, meaning “As many rounds as possible.”

Crossfit is all about pushing your body to the limit. Sometimes, it’s not based on the number of reps you need to complete, but on how much time you’re spending on a single move!

Aim to add at least one more round every time you do the move again!

3. Bodyweight

This is one of the most commonly-used CrossFit terms! You don’t always need to use fancy equipment to get a killer workout! Instead, you just use the weight of your body to lift, strengthen, and tone.

Pilates uses a lot of bodyweight workouts, too – you’ll likely see some of these moves in CrossFit, too! Think leg lifts, pushups, and bridge poses where you lift your torso off the ground.

Bodyweight workouts have been named a major fitness trend for this year!


This stands for “delayed onset muscle soreness,” and is one of those CrossFit terms that makes people grown with recognition!

You won’t always get sore right after a CrossFit workout. Sometimes, you’ll feel it a few hours or even days after an especially brutal workout. To prevent serious DOMS, stretch as much as you can and wear the right shoes to workout!

5. Firebreather

This is a CrossFit term of endearment! It will likely be a title that’s bestowed on the people that show up to every class, always do the most reps, and power through workouts like they’re nothing.

Firebreathers are also great at encouraging and inspiring others to keep pounding!

6. Open Gym

This is a favorite time for most CrossFitters. An open gym means that, for this portion of the workout, you can do whatever you want!

Most people use it to try to focus on the moves they’re the worst at, and to build a better technique.

Always take this time to slow down and evaluate the effectiveness of your movements.

7. Snatch

You’ll absolutely hear this term tossed around a lot in any CrossFit gym. it originated in the Olympics, so you know it’s going to be a killer move!

Basically, this is when you take your weight straight from the floor to over your head, without stopping in between.

It’s basically a clean, floor-to-overhead move in a single take – no resting at your shoulders!

You’ll likely complete a snatch from a squatting position so that there’s not too much stress put on your neck and shoulders.

Don’t be discouraged if you really struggle with the snatch. It’s one of the toughest CrossFit moves out there. Try starting with a lighter weight to perfect the movement of the snatch, then gradually add more weight over time.

In CrossFit, the correct technique is a lot more important than how much you can push and pull.

8. Sets

This is the number of reps you need to complete in order to finish a “round” or cycle of a movement. For example, 20 crunches might be one “set.” You may need to complete 3 sets of crunches before you can finish a move.

So, 60 crunches total, 20 per set!

We know, you didn’t come to CrossFit class to do math. Not to worry – your trainer will help you to keep track, usually counting out loud to help push you along!

9. No Rep

This is basically a term that’s used to call you out for cheating! A No Rep means you didn’t do the move correctly, so it won’t count.

Always make sure you’re giving maximum effort so you don’t let your team down, and to stay safe!

10. Macros

Crossfit terms aren’t all about working out. These are “macronutrients,” AKA the three main types of nutrients you need to consume to be able to get through your tough workouts.

They are carbs, proteins, and healthy fats! Think whole grains, chicken, and avocado!

11. KTE

This stands for “knees to elbows.” Usually, you’ll hear this when you’re on the bar, and are instructed to do a sit-up that makes sure your elbows hit your knees when you crunch.

It’s definitely a way to get insane ab strength fast – but man, does it burn!

12. HIIT

This is on every list of popular CrossFit terms! It stands for “high-intensity interval training,” and it’s a great way to keep your body guessing!

Basically, you go as hard as you possibly can for a set amount of time, then move at a normal pace (think transitioning from an all-out sprint to a jog.)

Then, you do it again! To stay safe while doing HIIT workouts, always wear the right shoes, with a good grip.

Decode CrossFit Terms Thanks To This List!

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