5 Healthy Lifestyle Choices to Vastly Improve Your Life



People are always looking for ways to improve their lives. Of course, one of the ways to change your life drastically is to start doing regular CrossFit workouts. Making lifestyle changes is always a long and often difficult process for most. The most important part of building a healthy lifestyle is consistency. Good habits will only reap benefits when they are adhered to all the time. Here are five healthy choices that can vastly improve your life when done consistently. It takes time to form habits, so don’t give up too quickly!

1. Eating Fruits and Vegetables for a Healthy Lifestyle

We’ve been told since childhood that eating fruits and vegetables will make us healthy and strong. Those who have not adopted this habit into their daily life are certainly missing out. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals that help to keep our bodies and minds strong and functioning. In short, these foods can help to prevent against harmful diseases and protect your immune system.

Try to get a good balance into every meal with salads, small snacks or side dishes. A good diet, combined with a regular dose of CrossFit WODs will get you in prime shape in no time

For more details about CrossFit specific diets, be sure to check out our article about the popular Zone Diet. 

2. Drinking in Moderation

One of the most harmful lifestyle choices is excessive drinking. Moderate drinking is typically described as one drink a day for women and two for men. When individuals begin drinking beyond this limit, their chances for health risk or accidents can rise. Accidents resulting from drunk driving took the lives of more than 10,000 people in 2015. It also affects the quality of your sleep, making you more tired throughout the day.

Abstaining from alcohol would be the best option, but if you must drink, drink in moderation. This means at most, 1 or 2 drinks a day. If you’re serious about getting in top condition though, it actually means only 1 or 2 drinks a week maximum. Most top athletes rarely drink at all!

3. Refusing to Smoke

Although drinking is recommended in moderation, smoking should be non-existent in a healthy lifestyle. This habit simply cannot be part of a healthy lifestyle. Smoking in excess can cause lung cancer which is the leading cause of cancer death, and the second-most commonly diagnosed cancer in both men and women. It’s also responsible for 29% of cancer deaths in the country. The lung cancer 5 year survival rate is a mere 17.7% too. Smoking even casually can be deadly. Even if you quit, you can still develop lung cancer from when you used to smoke.

4. Regular Exercise

Exercise may not be everyone’s favorite activity, but this healthy lifestyle choice can certainly improve our quality of life. Regular exercise helps our bodies to stay in healthy shape in order to carry out their functions properly. Some of the major benefits of consistent exercise include a healthier circulatory response and respiratory system, lower body fat percentage, and clarity of thinking.

Of course, we recommend CrossFit as one of the best ways to get in shape quickly. The varied workouts will keep you motivated, and will push your body to adapt in a big way. This will lead to gains in strength, conditioning, and of course, you’ll look and feel better.

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5. Drinking Water: An Excellent Healthy Lifestyle Choice

While this healthy lifestyle choice may seem rather simple, drinking water is one of the most crucial components to a healthy life. As our bodies are composed of 60% water, this life-giving liquid helps our bodies to carry out everyday functions such as digestion, circulation, maintenance of body temperature, and more. Without enough water, our bodies cannot function at their optimal level. For this reason, it is crucial to drink enough water throughout the day.

While you may have heard that the recommended amount of water to drink per day is 64 oz, the healthy amount varies per person. According to Healthline, adult men should drink at least 104 oz per day while adult women should drink at least 72 oz per day. This number increases if you live in a hot area or you work out more. The best rule of thumb is to drink water if you’re thirsty. Don’t go for a carbonated beverage or a sports drink. Your body knows when it’s dehydrated so pay attention to it.


Everyone wants to live a healthier life. From living longer to feeling better on a daily basis, living healthy can help you in more ways than you think. Using theses ideas, you can have a good starting point to making changes for a healthier life.


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