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The Top 5 Benefits of Wearing Weighted Clothing

A common question among those who are serious about working out is how to get to the next level. Of course, there are a million and one ways to achieve greater levels of fitness, including of course a CrossFit workout! One fitness trend that has been gaining in popularity is weighed clothing. You can get a variety of weighted clothing, including weight vests, ankle weights, weighed shorts, weighted gloves, etc. The sky is the limit!

Basically, the theory is that weighted clothing allows you to burn more calories that you normally would just by going about your daily activities. For example, walking down the street with extra weight on your body will be more difficult. Another way that people use weighted clothing is when working out. Doing a pushup or pull-up with a 40-pound weighted vest will be significantly harder than without. Essentially, weighted clothing increases the intensity of whatever you’re doing, whether that’s your regular daily activities or a workout routine.

Let’s talk in more details about the benefits of weighted clothing. Keep on reading!

Benefit #1: Increases the Intensity of Workouts

If you want to increase the intensity of your workout in order to achieve maximum athletic performance, a simple way to do that is with a weighted vest or other kind of weighted clothing. You can just do any of your regular workouts, but with a piece of weighted clothing on. It’ll be a whole lot harder and you’ll definitely feel more exhausted than usual. Pump up the difficult with weighted clothing! It’s simple and easy. Get the results you want today!

Benefit #2: Increases Calorie Burn During Daily Routines

According to this article, you can burn 12% more calories when wearing a weighted vest equivalent to 15% bodyweight than when not wearing one. While the study focused specifically on walking, the results can be generalized to daily life as well. If you’re moving around a lot doing the day-cleaning, shopping, playing with your kids, etc., then you will burn more calories when wearing a weighted vest then when not. It’s an easy way to get fit.

Benefit #3: Adds Variety to Workouts

It’s obvious that our bodies adapt to things over time. For example, remember that workout that you thought was “killer” the first and second time you did it? By the 10th time, it seems easy because our bodies adapt. Or, remember when you struggled to run 1km? Now you can maybe run 5km without a whole lot of effort. That’s why we need to keep adding variety to our workouts. This keeps your body on its’ toes! Variety is the key to achieving maximum athletic performance. Do it with weighted clothing.

However, if you work out a lot at a very high level, it can be a little bit difficult to add variety. You perhaps can’t add more weight to that bench press bar, or do another rep of something. That’s where weighted clothing can come in. Using something like a weight vest can add variety to your workouts, and make those exercises you now find a bit easy that much more difficult.

Benefit #4: Increased Bone Density

You probably already know that doing weight bearing exercises increased your bone strength and density. This in turn leads to fewer fractures and injuries later in life. While there is significant benefit to doing things like walking, or running to increase bone density, you can see even greater gains if you wear weighted clothing. The more weight, the more bone density! It’s easy with weighted clothing. And you can easily do it your daily life.

Benefit #5: Strength and Endurance Gains

This study from Texas Tech showed that college-level football players who exercised with weighted vests showed greater athletic gains than those who didn’t. The results certainly speak for themselves, so have a quick look at that study if you’d like some pretty conclusive evidence that weighted clothing can produce real results, particularly in terms of strength gain.

The theory is that when you exercise with more weight, the more demand is placed on your muscles. This means that your muscles are forced to adapt in a greater way than if you were working out with less weight. This adaptation is what makes you stronger, so you should be doing everything you can to increase the weight you move. But of course it should be done in a very gradual way in order to prevent injury. And take rest periods too!

Cardiovascular Gains

There is another study which shows that athletes who used weight vests during cardiovascular training experienced gains in their VO2 maxes, as well as lactate thresholds. This led to better performances when running! Again, check out the study for all the details, but the results are pretty convincing. If you want to see some significant gains in strength and/or cardiovascular endurance, then weighted clothing can help you get there. Try it out for yourself.

Not Sure Where to Start?

if you’re interested in weighted clothing, but aren’t quite sure where to start, the piece of equipment that we recommend is a weighted vest. They are more affordable these days than ever before and they are also more comfortable. Traditionally used by the military and those who engage in serious endurance feats, they are becoming more commonplace among regular people these days. Two of our favourite weight vests include the MIR Adjustable Weighted Vest and the V-Force Weighted Vest. We’ll talk about both of them in a little bit more detail to help you make the choice between them. Keep on reading!

MIR Adjustable Weighted Vest

If you’re looking for a top-quality weight vest, this one from MIR makes an excellent choice. Although it’s more expensive than many of the other weight vests on the market today, it’s well worth the extra cost. It’s extremely durable, fully adjustable in terms of fit(although it does take a bit of time to get it to fit perfectly), and breathable. There is a full manufacturer’s warranty and the shipping weight is calculated at only 20 pounds, even though there are 60 pounds of weight included. This will save you a ton of money.

The other thing we love is that you can adjust the weight of the vest, adding more to the pockets as necessary. This makes it extremely versatile and it should be the only weight vest you ever need to buy. We love that! Buy it once and use it forever.

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V-Force Weighted Vest

The V-FORCE Weighted Vest is another top-quality option for those looking to add some extra weight to their workouts. The biggest downside is that it’s not adjustable in terms of weight (only 40 pounds), however this can something be a positive as well in that the fit can be snugger to your body. It’s a great product at a fair price.

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