Choosing The Best Oly Shoes For CrossFit


The best Oly shoes for CrossFit is the only pair you need if you are a weightlifter — whether you’re new to weightlifting or a champion several times over. After all, oly shoes got their name from the Olympics. Yes, weightlifters all over the world know that only the best pair can meet the requirements of this strenuous sport.

Why do you really need the best oly shoes for CrossFit?

Shoes are like clothes. You wear the ones that fit your needs. You’d hardly wear a summer top during the winter, would you? The same thing goes for shoes. You wear shoes for running because they are designed to maximize your speed and comfort. The best Oly shoes, on the other hand, are designed to strengthen and support the muscles needed for weightlifting.

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Features of the best oly shoes for CrossFit

But how can you say that the pair of Oly shoes for CrossFit is really the best? Here are the features you must look for:

  1. Heel height: This is the feature that distinguishes oly shoes from all the rest. The best oly shoes for CrossFit must have a heel height that does not go beyond an inch. This will help you squat easier without compromising your overall position – your chest and back stay upright and your feet are firmly positioned on the ground. It’s the feature that can make you snatch, clean, and jerk with confidence.
  2. Solid base: You need all the strength you can muster as you lift those barbells, right? So you need a pair with wooden soles or injected thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) covered with rubber to maximize strength and stability without slipping.
  3. Straps: Shoes made for weightlifting must have straps to secure the foot in all directions. A stable foot translates to less injuries and more power.
  4. Sturdy but flexible material: For all those squats and bends, you need nothing less than a pair of shoes that can match your every movement. So you must be looking for shoes made from lightweight rubber and fine-grained leather. Think of shoes that fit your feet like a T.
  5. Breathable: Sports like weightlifting can cause your feet to sweat due to the pressure and effort your body has to make just to make that lift possible. That’s why you need shoes with perforated tops, which can allow air in and keep moisture out.

Now you have an idea as to what features you should look for in the best oly shoes for CrossFit. You might also want to consider our CrossFit oly shoe reviews to narrow down you choices. Take a look:

Reebok Crossfit Lifter Cross-Trainer Shoe

This one’s light, weighing only 380 grams, but provides perfect stability as it has injected TPU for its soles. It also boasts a sturdy nylon strap and Reebok’s U-form technology, which makes it fit your feet comfortably. The carbon rubber outsole allows you to lift heavy weights without slipping, while the lightweight perforated upper gives you all the breathability and comfort you need. Limited stock available.

VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe

Would you like to own a pair of the best oly shoes for CrossFit yet you lack the budget for it? If so, then VS Athletics might just be the pair you need. It has all the features that the more expensive brands offer at a price that’s easier on the pocket.

Reebok Mens CrossFit Oly U-Form Charged

Who doesn’t want to look cool? If you’re searching for the best CrossFit oly shoes that look good as well, then Reebok Mens Running Shoes J96713 might be the perfect pair for you.

It’s light yet stable, so you won’t find squatting and lifting too difficult. It has double Velcro straps and Reebok’s revolutionary U-form technology that makes it fit your feet perfectly. Sweaty feet won’t be an issue because this shoe has a special lining that allows air inside. It also features a low midsole that provides just the right amount of cushioning and ground feel.


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