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Best Vibram Shoes for CrossFit

Fitness and medical experts found out that many bodily disorders, aches, and pains stem from the foot area and from using the wrong type of shoes, especially during athletics or CrossFit training. This is because these activities stress the lower part of the body even more. This is the reason why you should only get the best Vibram shoes for CrossFit.

We won’t go into the details of Vibram shoes. As an athlete, you already know that these five-toed beauties resemble the shape of the human foot, making barefoot running safer from rough and rugged terrain and healthier from the stimulation the feet get from running barefoot. But which are really the best Vibram shoes for CrossFit? Here are some choices:

FiveFingers KSO – Men’s by Vibram USA

Vibram FiveFingers Mens KSO has become synonymous with barefoot running. But it has more advantages – keeping stuff out (KSO) like twigs, small rocks, and other debris that might injure your feet. It’s so light, you might actually forget that it’s there. Its mesh upper is breathable so you can be assured of dry comfort even after a long day on the road. It’s great for running, hiking, doing water sports, or just whiling the day away.

Vibram Mens Bikila Athletic Shoe

New to CrossFit? No problem. Vibram Mens Bikila is specifically designed for newbies like you. Unlike other Vibram shoes, which seem to be less forgiving, the Bikila has more cushion in areas where you need them most – at the balls of the feet and in other areas of the footbed. It fits your foot naturally so it can avoid making extra movements that might cause injury or slow you down.

Vibram Women’s Five Fingers KSO Running Shoe

If attention is what you want, then attention is what you’ll get with a pair of Vibram FiveFinger Women’s KSO. Yes, it’s not only light and comfortable but a perfect conversation piece, too. And since it has very thin soles, you’ll feel like you’re walking or running barefoot, stimulating the nerves of your feet sans the dangers of injury from rugged rocks and twigs.

Tony Calder

Tony Calder

Tony is a licensed nutritionist from California, who developed an interest in fitness while he was in college. When he realized that his regular exercise routine was not helping him lose some of his extra weight he decided to sign up at the local CrossFit gym. Now not only is he an avid CrossFitter, he is also a coach. You will usually find Tony at the local gym where he uses his knowledge of proper nutrition to help other athletes achieve all of their goals.
Tony Calder

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