The Best Weight Training Shoes For CrossFit: Find the Perfect Fit


5 Best Weight Training Shoes for CrossFit

While you do not need to buy a separate pair of athletic shoes for the weight training exercises included in some of your daily WODs, the right footwear can improve your performance and help you tone and strengthen your leg and arm muscles. Some fitness experts also recommend wearing weight training shoes as a safety precaution, in order to prevent painful injuries. If you are interested in getting a pair of weight training shoes to improve your performance, there are some brands you should consider. Here are our picks for the best weight training shoes for CrossFit.

Inov-8 Fastlift 335

Inov-8 Fastlift 335These athletic shoes are actually classified as cross-training shoes and can be easily worn through your entire daily workout. While some experienced CrossFitters do change their footwear for individual exercises, these athletic shoes can help you power your way through lifts, squats, sprints, and climbs. You have the advantage of Power Truss technology, which is designed to give you an extra boost when you need it, and the shoe’s flexible front, which bends and moves with your foot. Available in both men’s and women’s sizes, these are some of the best shoes for CrossFit and the different daily workouts.


  • The 16.5 mm differential between the heel and toe is designed to give you more power during your lifts
  • The outer sole is flexible and will also prevent sliding during your weight training
  • You also have the benefit of the front Velcro fastener that adds support and ensures a secure fit


  • The shoes’ more modern styling may not appeal to all exercise enthusiasts
  • There have been mentions of the Velcro strap separating from the top of the shoe, but in most cases you simply need to return the footwear for a replacement pair

Adidas Performance

Adidas PerformancDesigned for cross-trainers, these athletic shoes will easily get you through your entire workout. The shoes feature a wider design for a more comfortable fit, and the heel is lowered to provide stability and power for sprints, jumps, and weightlifting. You also get the benefit of added support in the mid heel that also gives the shoes exceptional stability. The plastic insert strap ensures a secure fit, while the lightweight construction prevents leg and muscle fatigue.


  • These weight training shoes are constructed from durable synthetic leather for a comfortable and long-lasting fit
  • The heel of the shoe is designed to provide stability and lift during weight and cross-training exercises
  • You also have the benefit of the wider design that gives you a more comfortable and supportive fit


  • It should be noted that these shoes have minimal cushioning, which might not be ideal for athletes with flat feet
  • The synthetic sole may not be flexible enough for people who are new to CrossFit and are not used to the different workouts.

Reebok CrossFit Lifters 2

Reebok CrossFit Lifters 2If you want your weight training shoes to be functional and fashionable, this might be the perfect pair of athletic footwear for you. Available in several bright, stylish colors, both men and women can find the perfect pair to go with all of their workout clothes. The synthetic construction is lightweight and durable, and you will also enjoy the mesh vents around the front and sides of the shoes. The slightly raised heel will give you additional power in your lifts, and it is also great for workouts that include sprints. Affordable and stylish, it is easy to see why experts recommend this weight training shoe.


  • The multiple vented openings on the shoe help keep your feet cool and comfortable during your workouts
  • There is a supportive strap across the front for stability and to ensure a secure fit
  • The lightweight construction helps prevent leg and muscle fatigue


  • While the heel is slightly raised, it may not be enough for more serious weight trainers
  • The rubber sole and heel is softer than in other weight training shoes, which may not be ideal for professional lifters and bodybuilders who require more stability

Adidas AdiPower

Adidas AdiPowerOne of the first aspects you’ll notice is the breathable and flexible construction that helps keep your feet comfortable during the grueling workouts. There is a supportive strap across the front of the shoe to provide stability, along with the specially designed heel. The heel not only gives you stability, but the vented designed also helps promote cooling air flow, along with giving you extra power in your lifts. The synthetic construction is sturdy and durable, and the rubber sole provides plenty of traction during your lifts and squats. Designed to help you optimize your performance, these are often considered the best training shoes for lifts and squats.


  • The durable construction is long lasting and will provide plenty of comfort and support during your weight training workouts
  • With a specially designed heel to help you power through lifts and squats, you can improve your performance times while strengthening and toning your muscles
  • You have the benefit of the shoe’s breathable construction, along with the vented heel, to help stay cool and comfortable during your intense workouts


  • It should be noted that these athletic shoes can run small, and this should be considered when you are deciding on the correct size
  • While these are high-performing weight training shoes, the higher price may not meet all budgets

VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe

VS Athletics Weight Lifting ShoeIf you are looking for the best weight training shoes for CrossFit, you will definitely want to consider this pair by VS Athletics. The slightly sloped heel is designed to power you through your lifts and give you an extra boost when you need it the most. There are two supportive straps across the front of these weight training shoes, and the wider size ensures a secure and comfortable fit. The leather construction is durable and flexible, which is perfect for all of your bends and squats. The leather sole provides traction and stability, so you can always perform at your best level with these weight training shoes.


  • There are two supportive straps across the top of the athletic shoes for stability and to ensure a secure fit
  • The gently raised heel is designed especially for weight training exercises to give you extra power and lift
  • The heel is also reinforced for additional long-lasting stability


  • These weight training shoes are slightly heavier than some pairs of athletic shoes, which may cause leg fatigue in some people
  • The limited design and color choices may not appeal to athletes who are more fashion conscious

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