New Balance Men’s MR10v2 Minimus Running Shoe Review

Pros: Lightweight, Vibram sole, breathes, comfortable, sockless is possible Cons: Limited color range Best Uses: CrossFit training, running, gym If you're an athlete, you'll know that shoes are a…
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Pros: Lightweight, Vibram sole, breathes, comfortable, sockless is possible
Cons: Limited color range
Best Uses: CrossFit training, running, gym

If you’re an athlete, you’ll know that shoes are a very important part of the equipment that you need. They help to keep your feet cool and comfortable and over the long-term, they help to prevent injuries such as ankle sprains or shin splints. This is especially true for runners because they perform repetitive motions over the course of months of years. The New Balance Mens’ MR10v2 Minimus Running shoe is a solid choice for running. Keep reading for the full review of this popular shoe.


The New Balance Men’s MR10v2 is a really comfortable shoe. The REVlite midsole and the super comfortable Vibram sole make it feel like you’re almost wearing nothing at all on your feet. The absorptive great quality inner sole means dry feet, which will help prevent chafing and blisters.

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While these shoes are barefoot style, they do offer a good amount of protection. The Vibram sole is durable and strong enough to protect your feet from rocks, glass chards or any other sort of obstacles you might encounter when out running.


The barefoot-friendly internal construction helps your feet stay relaxed during weightlifting. The shoe is lightweight and has an old, strong outer sole to deliver strength and durability. The Vibram sole and the heel are the perfect mixture for executing limited weight exercises, such as in a CrossFit workout. However, they don’t offer enough support for serious weightlifting and you should actually consider a weightlifting shoe.


These shoes really excel when running in them. They are minimal in design and very light in weight, which means that each step is easier. You don’t want to have lots of weight on your feet when you’re lifting them over and over. These New Balance Men’s MR10v2 Minimus Running shoes will allow your body to maintain its natural gait. This will prevent injuries over the long-term as  your body can mimic natural movement as closely as possible.


The durable and adequately flexible Vibram sole and REVlite midsole helps you in light weightlifting actions as well as CrossFit movements, running, or any other workouts. In short, they’re an excellent running shoe at a very reasonable price. They can also be used for light weightlifting, exercise classes, running, biking or for CrossFit. A solid shoe at a nice price? It certainly gets our recommendation here at Best CrossFit Shoes.

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Brian Westen

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