New Balance Men’s MX797v2 Cross-Training Shoe Review


CrossFit is the all-new trend in fitness and in sports conditioning. It has provided ways on how to lose a good amount of calories without compromising functionality. In fact, products specific for CrossFit have been developed by top shoe manufacturers, including New Balance. Focusing on stability without loosening up on durability, these are all things considered in developing a good CrossFit shoe.

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Best Bang for Your Buck

For an item that is ranged between $53 to below $90 online, the New Balance Men’s MX797v2 Cross-Training Shoe is one of the best products in the market today. In terms of customer reviews on Amazon, it was obvious how it received it’s 4.5 out of 5 stars. For starters, you rarely get a shoe priced below $100. And for a CrossFit shoe? This makes it a great deal.


In terms of outside appearance, the footwear is a fashionable product carefully designed not only to perform but to also impress people in the gym. Available in different colors such as blue, black, yellow, and orange, among many others, New Balance aims to provide modern design both inside and out.

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New Balance has been known to provide some of the most durable shoes in the market today. They have perfected their no-seam construction over the years and have carried out different techniques to lead the shoe manufacturing industry in the durability department. It has been considered by many a serious runner’s shoe of choice along with brands like Brooks and Saucony.

The New Balance MX797v2 is made of synthetic material and is similar to how their New Balance MX20V3 Minimus was designed. Weighing approximately 258 grams, product research has been obviously a key factor to the overall development of the New Balance MX797v2 CrossFit shoe.

A CrossFit shoe requires a breathable material for the main reason that sweat can accumulate in the shoe itself. It is imperative to have a breathable material, like the one utilized in the MX797v2, in order to minimize bacteria buildup that causes foul odour in the shoes.

Top-of-the-line Technology

The material used for the outsole is non-marking and hardwood friendly, which is the ultimate fit for indoor running activities. One of the things that made New Balance popular among runners is its midsole technology. They have utilized the REVlite midsole not only to maintain stability but to also decrease overall stress in the end user’s feet during prolonged, high-intensity usage. This foam technology has been known to have thirty percent less weight than foams that perform similar tasks.

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The cross-training shoe designed by New Balance is a footwear known for comfort and stability. Given the squats, deadlifts, box jumps, and other high-impact moves, it is important for the footwear to prevent injury and maximize overall user experience. With the use of Quix technology, they have developed an ultimately stable shoe that is not only lightweight but also comfortable to the feet. And with an 8 mm heel-to-toe drop, it provides just enough incline from midsole to the toe in order to help prevent instances of heel strike and correct the overall running gait.

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