New Balance Women’s 711 Mesh Cross-Training Shoe Review

If you participate in any sort of sports of activities like CrossFit, then you'll know that a good pair of shoes is really important. They help your feet stay…
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If you participate in any sort of sports of activities like CrossFit, then you’ll know that a good pair of shoes is really important. They help your feet stay cool and comfortable and are also required to prevent injury. If you work out every day, then the Women’s 711 Mesh Cross-Training Shoe is a great option for you. It’s lightweight, but offers a good level of support for most sporting activities.


Its man-made sole and 8 mm heel-to-toe drop make this shoe very comfortable. Reviewers on Amazon commented that it breaks in very easily and fits well from the first or second wear. The large amounts of mesh on this shoe keep your feet dry and cool, which helps to prevent blisters and chafing.


This defensive sports shoe will save your feet from damage. Its SBS graphic tech heel crash pad and ease addition with heel cushion make this shoe more protective. Its excellent man-made sole performs well for turns and during bodyweight movements or CrossFit trials. The forefoot flex allows your foot to move naturally and easily, maintaining the natural gait of your body. Over the long-term, this will help to prevent injury.

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Running + Weightlifting

These shoes provide security and comfort during weightlifting. Although it is a pretty light shoe, it offers a stable platform from which to lift low to moderate amounts of weights. If you’re a serious weightlifter though, this is not the shoe for you! You would do well to consider a specialized weightlifting shoe instead.

As far as running goes, these shoes are very light in weight and will do well for sprints or other short-medium runs. If you’re planning on running marathons however, a specially designed running shoe will make a better choice. They are designed in a different way from general cross-training shoes and will help in preventing injuries such as shin splints.

But, as far as the running and weightlifting that is required in a CrossFit workout, the New Balance 711 Mesh Cross-Trainer will perform very well. It’s a stylish, all-round shoe that will perform a variety of activities well.


This shoe from New Balance is a solid cross-trainer. It’s great for a variety of activities such as light running, weightlifting, sports, or exercise classes. It can be used for CrossFit and will stand up well to sprints, lifting, jumping and rope-climbing. It’s also very affordably priced as well under $100. A nice looking, top-quality shoe at a nice price!

Anne Calderson

Anne Calderson

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Anne Calderson

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