New Balance Women’s WX20V3 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe Review

Pros: Comfortable, durable, protective, breaks in fast, breathable, great looking shoes Cons: Limited color range Best Uses: Training, running, sports, workout  The right pair of shoe is important for…
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Pros: Comfortable, durable, protective, breaks in fast, breathable, great looking shoes
Cons: Limited color range
Best Uses: Training, running, sports, workout

 The right pair of shoe is important for any athlete. If chosen correctly, they will help you achieve your maximum athletic performance. After all, you don’t want your shoes to get in the way while you’re exercising. The right pair of shoes will also help prevent injuries over the long-term. Being an athlete, I always need a shoe that helps me in jumping, running, walking, and in my extensive training regimen. These New Balance Women’s WX20V3 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe make an excellent choice for those looking for a top-quality cross-training shoe suitable for a wide range of activities at a very reasonable price. Keep reading for the full review!


This New Balance is designed with an imported synthetic and mesh upper cover and is very comfortable to wear throughout the day. These shoes are a combination of both stability and protection. With the arch support, these shoes are very comfortable. Apart from the nice fit, they offer great traction on all types of surfaces and ensures smooth running. Due to their  comfort, these shoes are perfect for lots of different types of training including CrossFit, exercise classes, short runs, sports, etc.

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This New Balance shoe is specially designed for athletes. Protection from any injury or damage of the feet is a concern for any sportsperson. This shoe offers minimal support for both the heel to toe and drop for the ultimate protection all over the entire training purposes. These minimalist shoes have amazing arch support that strengthens the feet and lessens joint and knee pain. Their unique antimicrobial sole helps fight against bacterial infection all day long and reduces odor, protecting your feet and maintaining hygiene.


While performing different weightlifting training movements, these shoes provide great comfort and security. These shoes will give you all that you require to perform various weightlifting training movements without any hesitation. They provide a good balance while lifting weight due to their good grip and stable platform.


These shoes only weigh 146 g, or 0.5 oz, which means they are very lightweight and are perfect for running. If you’re going to run long-distances, such as a marathon it’s recommended that you get a specialized running shoe which will help reduce fatigue and injury. However, for sprints or other short runs such as those you’d encounter during the course of a CrossFit workout, it’s a great choice.


This attractive looking shoe is very durable. This pair of shoes is ideal for performing anything that is required by athletes. Be it jumping, running, walking, or doing any training to achieve the goal, this shoe provides a good level of comfort, durability, and protection of the feet from any injuries or damage. Being a minimalist shoe, it offers relief from pain during and after workouts and running. These high-quality shoes are made for a barefooted experience and thus fit well from the beginning. Their wide-shaped toes are particularly perfect for any athletes performing their best to achieve their goals. Altogether this is a great athlete’s shoe with style and comfort from a very trusted company at a very affordable price.

Anne Calderson

Anne Calderson

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Anne Calderson

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