Reebok Men’s R CrossFit Nano 5.0 Training Shoe Review

CrossFit is an intense form of exercise. CrossFit workouts need certain gear to complete the whole process, like, for example, CrossFit training shoes. These days…

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CrossFit is an intense form of exercise. CrossFit workouts need certain gear to complete the whole process, like, for example, CrossFit training shoes. These days there are plenty of CrossFit training shoes available in the market, and popular brands bring about such shoes. They come in different looks, sizes, and have a varied level of performance. Buying them can be a daunting and confusing task. To make things a bit easier for you, we bring you an exclusive review on the Reebok men’s Nano CrossFit shoe (5.0).

Product Description:

Reebok is known to be one of the best sports brand available, and this shoe is a proof of it. The shoe is a creation of innovation with a combination of lightness and comfort. The upper portion of the shoe comes with nano mesh, which makes the shoe durable and gives desired protection. The midsole of the shoe is cushioned, which provides support while working out in these shoes. The upper portion, which has mesh, makes the airflow regular, thus giving it much-needed durability. It is designed to absorb shock thanks to the CMEVA compression, which is molded foam that lies underfoot. The individual can carry out heavy lifts with the help of these shoes because Polyurethane NanoShell provides an extra amount of defence and protection to avoid mid-sole abrasion and additionally enhances stability.

The heel-to-toe construction accompanied by the footbed is done anatomically for a natural fit. It is manufactured with a rubber wrap of RopePro carbon that gives a look of pattern to provide an optimum grip while performing intense exercises like rope climbing. This mechanism in the shoes helps keep the shoes from shredding during the rock climbs. The outsole of the shoe is raised, thus giving a pull pattern which provides an enhanced traction and surface area contact. It further provides superior stability with any kind of WOD and a 3mm heel-to-toe drop.

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The Look:

Like with every other shoe, the first thing that is noticeable in this shoe is its look. This shoe might be a trainer shoe, but it looks more like a running shoe and that is not a bad thing at all. The gray and white color combination might be depressing for some, but for most people this color is satisfactory, especially if you don’t like to wear flashy things. But if you still don’t like it, than Reebok offers customized color selection according to the need of the customer.

The Build:

The next category that is worth a mention is the way the shoe is built. Because it is made to carry out activities such as rock climbing and CrossFit training, it is a high-end and heavy-duty exercise shoe. The RopeCro carbon pattern provides a grip that is essential when you buy a shoe for CrossFit training. Moreover, the nano mesh in the upper portion and the CMEVA compression in the underfoot makes the shoe durable, comfortable, and at the same time makes it shock resistant. The Polyurethane NanoShell mechanism makes it equipped for heavy lifts and gives away the required stability and prevents it from midsole abrasion. The detailed construction that this shoe has makes it different than most of its contemporaries available in the market.

Performance and Comfort:

Most customers that have used this particular shoe have termed it to be light and comfortable. It provides good support for the arch area and is pretty flexible. Some have even described the shoe to be something that, when worn, feels like you aren’t wearing anything. It is a balanced shoe that provides thick support in the sole area.

It is well equipped to take on a continuous 3-mile run or even longer. The heel drop as mentioned by the manufacturer is reasonable, but the best part of the shoe is that it gives good support while running even on trail. Its comfortable fit helps it stay grounded to the floor and can be used for the daily purpose of CrossFit training and workouts.


  • Optimum level of comfort
  • Feels light on the foot
  • It is equipped to take on heavy workouts, even on a daily basis
  • It is flexible and provides good support for the arch area
  • The thickness in the sole area is good
  • Perfect gym shoes
  • Performs well even on dirt
  • The shoes are durable thanks to the regular airflow level thanks to the upper mesh.


  • The price of the shoes can be a problem for some

The Final Thought:

This Reebok CrossFit training shoe is a perfect example of balance, durability, and comfort. The construction of the shoe is solid, and that is the reason that it can take on heavy workouts. It comes with protection on all levels, which is necessary when you take on heavy-duty exercises. But the best part is that it is light in weight. Overall, it’s a really solid shoe for cross-training, running or CrossFit at a very reasonable price.

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Brian Westen

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