Reebok Men’s Trainfusion RS 3.0 Leather Cross-Training Shoe Review

Reebok Men's Trainsfusion Cross-Trainer Review Pros: Textile lining, Polyurethane sockliner, comfortable, protective Cons: Restricted model Best uses: CrossFit training, weightlifting, gym If you are athletic or love…
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Reebok Men’s Trainsfusion Cross-Trainer Review

Pros: Textile lining, Polyurethane sockliner, comfortable, protective
Cons: Restricted model
Best uses: CrossFit training, weightlifting, gym

If you are athletic or love to do different workouts or exercises, then you need a strong and protective shoe. Reebok did an excellent job when making this Men’s Trainfusion RS 3.0 model. With the growing popularity of CrossFit exercises and their increasing demands on the body, Reebok introduced this shoe into the market. You can do any movement or exercise from typical bodyweight activities to gym exercises with this popular shoe from Reebok. This company also focuses on allowing flexibility while at the same time giving enough support that is required for running.


These boots are very supportive and deliver lots of provisions while performing CrossFit exercises. This shoe has a strong rubber sole to give you an extra burst of energy with every move. Also, its synthetic body makes this shoe very flexible, and this shoe has a durable quality. This not only amplifies the overall strength of the shoe, but it also truly drops its weight down. The absorbing rubber-quality interior sole helps the shoes respire, which means dry and comfortable feet. The thick rubber sole protects against microbial infections and provide odor-free feet all day long.

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Memory Tech cushioned footbed and Ultralite foam midsole make this shoe strong and protective. It will protect you during heavy exercise like CrossFit or powerlifting. This shoe is designed so that you will be able to move naturally and freely. Three-D Ultralite midsole foam delivers incredibly lightweight and ongoing stifling. The shoe’s defensive qualities are all contained mainly in its outer shell. At the tip of the toe box is a big area of rubber that assists in shielding your toes from the main effects of movements.


This shoe is also an excellent choice for weightlifting. While doing my heavy workouts, I never need to switch out my shoe. They have delivered enough strength to assist in my daily workouts. The Reebok Men’s Trainfusion will provide you with all you need to perform all weightlifting actions under pretty heavy loads. This boot has a traditional crepe outer sole to provide strength and durability.


It’s a good walking shoe, and you can do also some light jogging or exercising. Being very lightweight and extending lasting strength, the shoes boost up running ability with ease and stop my feet from acquiring any damage or pain due to long movements.

Summary for this Reebok Cross-Training Shoe

These long, eternal, durable, helpful, and high-quality leather shoes from Reebok are a faultless mixture of style and strength. With its rubber sole I can easily perform any pattern of CrossFit actions without any worries that my shoes will get in the way of maximum performance.

The toe top delivers proper shielding for my feet and stops them from getting damaged while executing heavy workouts. The round toe offers enough girp to preserve my body balance and fitness. And the price of the shoe is also very reasonable.

Overall, it’s one of the best CrossFit shoes, and the best part about it is that you can get it at a very reasonable price.

Tony Calder

Tony Calder

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