The Best All-Around Cross-Training Shoes For Men And Women


You may hear that some experienced CrossFitters recommend using different types of athletic shoes during different workouts, and some trainers will even suggest that you change your shoes at least during the WOD. While there is nothing wrong with this suggestion, if you are concentrating more on one workout than another, a specialized pair of athletic shoes is a good investment. Otherwise people who are new to CrossFit or are working to improve their overall health can easily accomplish the strenuous and gruelling workouts with one pair of shoes that are designed to exercise all of the important muscle groups.

Keep reading for our reviews of the Top 3 CrossFit Shoes for Men and Women.

The 3 Best Cross-Training Shoes for Men

Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 4.0

These popular cross-training shoes are designed to improve your performance in all of your workouts. The athletic shoes feature shock-absorbing cushioning for comfort, and the rubber sole will give you plenty of traction on any surface. The synthetic and mesh construction is lightweight and breathable while the durable upper helps protect your feet. You also get the advantage of a wrap that is designed to give you additional support during climbing exercises. Read full review >>


  • These cross-training shoes are designed for all aspects of your daily workouts
  • The multidirectional design on the rubber soles gives you traction on all types of surfaces
  • You also have the advantage of a protective upper that includes a wrap to give you extra support and grip for all of your rope exercises


  • The higher price of these cross-training shoes might not fit all budgets
  • Some athletes with wider toes may find the design of these cross-training shoes too narrow for their comfort

New Balance MX20v3 Minimalist Cross-Trainer

Not all CrossFit enthusiasts want or need the extra cushioning and padding found in some cross-training shoes, and many athletes are turning to minimalist-styled footwear. These cross-training shoes feature a lower profile and lightweight design that is ideal for athletes who like to feel the ground under their feet. The 4 mm differential between the toe and the heel gives you an extra boost of power, and the synthetic construction is durable, flexible, and breathable. You also get the benefit of antibacterial treatment, which keeps your feet dry and odor free even during your most intensive workouts. Read full review >>


  • The durable and lightweight construction keeps your feet comfortable while preventing muscle fatigue
  • With the slight rise in the heel, you have an extra boost of power and speed during lifts and sprints
  • The synthetic rubber sole provides plenty of traction, along with stability and balance


  • The lack of cushioning in the heel and front of the cross-training shoes may not be comfortable for athletes with low or fallen arches
  • Runners, who are not used to feeling the terrain under their feet, may not find these cross-training shoes appropriate for them

Inov-8 FastLift 335

There are several reasons why many CrossFitters love their Inov-8 training shoes, starting with the lightweight and sturdy construction. These shoes are designed to last through all of your daily WODs while helping you improve your performance. You get the benefit of the lift technology in the heel, which also features cooling vents to improve air flow in the shoes. The front will flex with your foot’s natural movements, and there is plenty of shock-absorbing cushioning for comfort. Whether you are lifting weights or sprinting, these cross-training shoes can help you get through every step of your workouts. Read full review >>


  • The 16.5 mm drop from the heel to the toe gives you additional power for lifts and sprints
  • These cross-training shoes feature a mesh and synthetic construction that is lightweight and durable
  • You have the advantage of a supportive strap across the front of the shoe for additional stability


  • While these cross-training shoes are ideal for heavy lifts, they are not designed for faster repetitions
  • On occasion the supportive Velcro strap can tear off of the shoes

The 3 Best Cross Training Shoes for Women

New Balance WX711 Cross-Trainers

These cross-training shoes are designed for women who don’t want to be slowed down during their workouts. According to the best cross-training shoe reviews, this footwear is durable, supportive, and comfortable. The synthetic rubber and fabric construction is lightweight and sturdy, and you also have the advantage of the flexible grooves in the sole. The slight heel-to-toe differential gives you an added push during lifts and sprints, and the padded heel and midsole prevent painful impact shock. Read Full Review >>


  • With an 8 mm drop from the heel to the toe, you can power through your lifts and squats
  • The tested cushioning in the heel is designed to prevent painful injuries due to impact shock
  • These cross-training shoes for women are sturdy and comfortable while also providing plenty of traction and stability


  • The protective heel and midsole padding may be too thick for some women’s comfort
  • Some women athletes have mentioned that there is not enough support for their lower arches

PUMA Women’s Tazon 5 Cross-Training Shoes

These cross-training shoes are ideal for all types of workouts, and your feet will appreciate the comfortable and supportive fit. The lightweight synthetic and leather construction is durable and features breathable overlays for additional comfort. The toe area is designed for comfort and support while the cushioned midsole will help to protect against impact injuries. With a rubber sole that is capable of providing traction on all types of surfaces, you will be ready for whatever your daily workout throws at you. Read Full Review >>


  • You have the advantage of the cushioned sock liner that also helps minimize moisture and odor-causing bacteria
  • The midfoot overlay not only improves air flow inside the shoes but adds additional support
  • These are often considered the best cross-training shoes for women with their supportive and comfortable toe construction


  • It should be noted that these athletic shoes are designed to be used for a number of different applications and may not be ideal for athletes concentrating on one specific workout
  • These cross-training shoes for women may not be able to provide enough support for athletes with weaker ankles

ASICS Women’s Rhythmic 2 Cross-Trainers

Some CrossFit workouts are based on intensive aerobic exercises, along with jumps and sprints, and these cross-trainers are designed to move with your feet. The lightweight construction is perfect for faster-paced workouts, and the rubber sole gives you just enough traction without slowing you down. The foam cushioning in the midsole provides plenty of arch support while the pivot point of the toe keeps you quickly moving through all of your workout steps. You also have the advantage of medial and lateral support, which helps prevent painful injuries. Read Full Review >>


  • These lightweight shoes weigh only 6.2 ounces, so you never have to worry about your footwear slowing you down
  • The extra medial and lateral support helps prevent painful twisted ankles and other sports-related injuries
  • With a polyester and mesh construction, these cross-training shoes keep your feet cool and dry during your most intensive workouts


  • The pivot point on the toe may cause the shoes to be too slick for some surfaces
  • The added support may not be comfortable for all women athletes, and it cannot be easily removed

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