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When you’re working out, it’s all about comfort. You want to be cool, dry and comfortable. And you also don’t want your clothes to get in the way of achieving your maximum athletic performance. With this in mind, we’ve found the Top WOD Shorts. Keep reading for the full review of each pair.

The perfect pair of WOD shorts must be light in weight and sturdy, with proper room for aeration, sweat absorption, and quick drying features. A comfortable pair of shorts will also remain in position and at the same time allow maximum flexibility. It also helps if they’re stylish too!

Here are a few of the Top WOD shorts for men are cited that can give you maximum comfort.

Hayabusa Men’s Metaru Performance Shorts

First on our list of Top WOD Shorts for Men is this popular pair from Hayabusa. Mechanical poly directional elastic fabric ensures maximum comfort with these shorts. The advanced tie system with durable webbing ensures a tailored fit further modified by the exclusive Guardlock grip waistband system from Hayabusa. With the unique odour control effects and T3 stitching, they are strong and odour free. The split sides coupled with fiber-fused prints makes them flexible as well as stylish.


  • Maximum comfort
  • Odour control effects
  • Exclusive T3 stitching makes them strong and sturdy
  • Contains stylish fiber-fused prints


  • May sometimes feel heavy
  • Can’t be used as a swim suit

Crossfit Shorts WOD Shorts

If you are looking for an extremely durable pair of shorts that facilitates maximum body motion, then look no further. Here is a fantastic pair of WOD Shorts. Produced with a dense, superior quality two-way tractable, quick-dry polyester textile, it also is comprised of 6” side slits that allow the maximum maneuverability possible. Drawstring waist and Velcro closure are an added advantage. They don’t have pockets so that they don’t get in the way while working out.


  • Provides an odour-fee experience
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Comfortable Velcro closure


  • They don’t have pockets

Grips Men’s Miura Crossfit Shorts

Here is a cutting-edge, innovative pair of WOD shorts specially designed keeping in mind the body shape of the mixed martial arts combat athlete in mind.

Provided with frontal and rear stretch panels and Safe Lock system, these WOD shorts facilitate an extremely comfortable workout. Miura also delivers the best in design. It offers anti-odor with quick dry, aeration features. Styled in Italy, this is a must buy for athletes. These shorts firmly belong at the top of any list of Best WOD Shorts for Men!


  • Frontal and rear stretch panels and Safe Lock system
  • Has polyester front
  • This is anti-odour with a sweat-wicking feature
  • Good ventilation
  • Exhibits stylish looks

MC11 Men’s Digital Camo Shorts

Rounding out our list of the Top WOD Shorts for Men is this popular pair from MC 11. This one is unmatchable, as its four-way elastic texture delivers lightweight, breathable, 360 degree maneuverability with a natural sweat-wicking feature.

It also consists of an additional front pocket enabling you to hold your essentials while you’re training. UN92 shorts portray a specially-fitted waistband that checks undesired shifting. Side slits allow a nice range of movement and a Velcro fly adds comfort. These shorts are most definitely a solid buy if you’re looking for the best CrossFit shorts for men!


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Water-wicking
  • An extra front pocket for holding essentials
  • Side slits facilitate a wide range of movement
  • Velcro fly provides comfort.

These are some of the top WOD shorts for men that will satisfy you, and you actually get what you pay for. So try these and you won’t get any chance to complain.

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