Ultimate Guide to Choosing your CrossFit Footwear


Choosing Your CrossFit FootwearNike, Reebok, and even Brooks have joined the CrossFit shoe market. If you are looking for a CrossFit shoe, the first thing that you need to do is look at the pros and cons of a particular shoe. Keep in mind that every shoe has a different construction. You may find some of these designs helpful in some scenarios while some features only hinder specific movements.

Mesh Material vs. Rubber Cage

Let’s start off with the material of the shoe. There are some manufacturers that go for a rubber cage construction on their shoe. This allows the user to have stability, especially when going for lifts and activities that could do minor to major damage to the body. However, there are some cons when you make use of a CrossFit shoe that is made of a rubber cage. For this scenario, you have the mesh fabric. A softer material that can instantly go with the form of your foot to any activity that you do, this material offers little support but great comfort.

What is Your Preferred Workout?

If you choose to purchase a CrossFit shoe, you have to understand that it should meet with your preferred workouts. Preferred workouts range from running on concrete to lifting heavy weights. Why are these considerations important in the first place? Keep in mind that CrossFit is so diverse that you could do it on the open road or indoors.

So which shoe is perfect for which situation? What makes CrossFit shoes different from Olympic lifting shoes for instance? Do you prefer to pick something up over the head like snatches and squats? If you do, then perhaps the perfect shoe for your workout is actually Olympic lifting shoes. They help provide proper support for the body and you will feel that your feet are more stable as compared to something like cross-trainers.

Deadlifts, on the other hand, are a different kind of movement. They require you to do them with feet almost flat on the ground. A zero heel-to-toe differential is, in fact, common among shoes in CrossFit. The concept is to bring back the foot to its natural form. Here, you get more stability. But this doesn’t mean that you will not get enough cushion when running. Unlike barefoot shoes, especially the ones released by Vibram, you can still get proper support from the CrossFit shoes that you wear.

No One Size Fits All Solution

The market of CrossFit shoes is now diverse. New products come out almost every month. You have to keep in mind though that there is no perfect CrossFit shoe. There are some shoes that are perfect for certain movements, but you have to understand that you can’t have a shoe that does everything.

For those who are going to invest in footwear specific for CrossFit, you need to always make sure that you do not have unrealistic expectations from the shoe brand that you are going to buy. You have to understand that every shoe will have its own set of strengths and weaknesses.

Tony Calder

Tony Calder

Tony is a licensed nutritionist from California, who developed an interest in fitness while he was in college. When he realized that his regular exercise routine was not helping him lose some of his extra weight he decided to sign up at the local CrossFit gym. Now not only is he an avid CrossFitter, he is also a coach. You will usually find Tony at the local gym where he uses his knowledge of proper nutrition to help other athletes achieve all of their goals.
Tony Calder

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