6 Best Snacks to Power You Up After a CrossFit Workout


CrossFit is extremely effective for weight loss because it’s essentially a variety of high-intensity interval training.

However, multiple studies proved that even the best training cannot reshape your body on its own. To achieve the maximum effect when you use this exercise program to burn off some fat, you need to complement it with the right diet. The snacks you consume after a workout will matter greatly as they can help you enhance its effects as well as restore the energy you spend while exercising.

Before you start, bear in mind that you should eat a snack no earlier than 30-60 minutes after a workout. Bodybuilding.com has a great guide that explains exactly when you should eat before and after physical training. It’s best to choose something light but high in protein. But if you need your energy for working after the training session, choose something heartier and be sure to add more fresh vegetables.

The good news is that all the best post CrossFit workout snack recipes include foods that are also on the list of what to eat to lose weight fast. Therefore, including them into your diet will help you burn off those excess pounds by default. The snacks are also rather delicious, so you are sure to enjoy them.


Healthy Snacks for after a WOD

6 Tasty Post-Workout Snacks to Enjoy After a CrossFit Training

1. Almond butter toast with tasty toppings

Pick your favorite bread, preferably one made of whole grains and top it with almond butter, which should be your number one choice of butters while on a weight loss program. Top that toast with banana slices, or avocado, or eggs, or ground cooked turkey breast with a bit of cheddar. Don’t forget that you can add some fresh veggies of your choice as well.

2. Sweet potato protein shake

If you are in a hurry, the best post-workout snack for you is a quick shake. Make one to recharge your batteries fast by blending some sweet potato chunks with almond milk and your protein powder of choice. This recipe is best for weight loss, but if you are out of sweet potato, you can replace it with banana. It’ll be good for recovery but not as effective for fat burning.

3. Tuna salad

Fatty fish rich in omega 3 is not only a great addition to a weight loss program. It’s a food that makes you healthier on every level. Enjoying some tuna is also a great way to recover after a CrossFit workout if you have a lot of things left to do in the day. Make a salad from canned tuna with some avocado for maximum effect. You can also use the mix as a topping for toast.

4. Grilled veggies with meat sauce

If you need a filling post-workout snack, enjoy some grilled veggies served with meat sauce. Make the sauce by mixing your actual favorite sauce and some ground cooked meat. You can replace grilled vegetables with veggie pasta.

5. Scrambled eggs

Eggs are an excellent source of protein, so they make a perfect post-workout snack after a CrossFit session. However, as plain scrambled eggs are far too bland, you should cook yours with ground beef and vegetables. Be sure to add some chili peppers to the mix as capsaicin in them enhances fat-burning effects of the exercise.

6. Hummus and vegetables

Enjoy snacking on some crunchy fresh veggies dipped in your favorite hummus. Legumes are an excellent source of protein and are also very good for heart health. Eat at least one serving of them a day to get the health benefits they offer. You can also put hummus instead of butter on your toast if you need to cut fats.

Healthy Snacks for After a Workout: Have your Say!

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