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Weightlifting Shoes if you Have Flat Feet

We are often asked what our readers should be looking for in a pair of weightlifting/training shoes if they have flat feet. It may surprise you to learn that you have plenty of options as long as the footwear includes these three features:

  • Slight heel lift
  • Strap for support
  • Flat Rubber sole

We’ll give more details about these 3 features later in this article.

Keep on reading for what to look for in a weight lifting shoe if you have flat feet. We’ll also share our top recommendations and give some advice about where to buy them. Or, check out our top pick on Amazon, the Nike Romaleos:


Weightlifting Shoes: Slight Heel Lift

You probably already know that your feet should be planted firmly on the ground if you want to live some serious weight. However, there should also be a slight lift in the heel to give you some extra stability. The best shoes are a balance between the two.

Most weightlifting shoes have a heel that measures between .5 and 1 inch, which will give you the extra push you need to lift the bar safely up over your head. The slight lift to the heel also makes it easier to get into a lower position. It’s also useful for increasing the range of motion in your ankle. The raised heel is also great for flat-footed athletes and will help provide some of the support you’re missing without an arch.

Weightlifting Shoes: Strap for Additional Support

What you may not know is that weightlifting shoes often include a strap that is designed to give athletes additional support when they push off the floor. This convenient strap ensures a secure fit. This is important when lifting some serious weight. It will also give your feet and ankles added stability that might be missing due to your low arch.

You will also notice that it is easier to put some hip action behind your push if you have a strap.  This will give you the added advantage of being able to rise up safely from a deep squat.

Weightlifting Shoes: Flat Rubber Sole

The best weightlifting shoes should also include a flat rubber sole to give you plenty of traction and stability. Both of these are important when you are training and weightlifting on a slick gym floor. After all, the last thing you want to worry about is a stable platform for lifting.

The best weightlifting shoes stick to the floor like glue and don’t slide, no matter what!

Weightlifting Shoes for Flat Feet

Some weightlifting/gym training shoes that are able to provide the support and stability you need during lifts and squats include these stylish and surprisingly affordable pairs.

Chuck Taylors: Not a Great Weightlifting Shoe

Some flat-footed athletes have also found Chuck Taylors to be a great weightlifting shoe due to the flat sole and slightly raised heel. However,it should be mentioned that this footwear does not have adequate support on the side. It’s for this reason that we don’t recommend them.

Most Weightlifting Shoes: Perfect for the Flat-Footed

To answer your question, most weight training shoes are great for flat feet simply because the footwear is designed to provide support and stability. Unlike other types of athletic shoes, ones designed specifically for weightlifting can almost seem like they were designed with your flat feet in mind.

When you find a pair of dedicated weight training shoes, simply make sure that there is a slight lift in the heel, a supportive strap, and flat rubber sole for shock absorbing stability and traction and you will be ready to train and lift weights outdoors or in the gym.

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Our #1 Pick for Lifting Shoe: The Nike Romaleos 3

Check out our Top-Rated Weightlifting Shoes for Flat Feet

Our top-rated weightlifting shoe for someone with flat feet is the Nike Romaleos. It’s a top-quality powerlifting shoe with all of the features that we’re looking for.

Namely, a very small lift, strap for additional support, and a very grippy rubber sole. If you have flat feet, but are into weightlifting and powerlifting, you can’t go wrong with these top-rated shoes from a trusted name, Nike. We LOVE this shoe and we’re sure you will too!

Check out all the details about this shoe, as well as customer reviews on Amazon:


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