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Review of the Reebok Legacy Lifter

Introduction to the Reebok Legacy Lifter Weightlifting Shoes

If you’re looking for some top-quality lifting shoes, then look no further than the Reebok Legacy Lifter Shoes. They’re well designed, and have all the features that you’d expect in a pair of Oly lifting shoes.

Adjustable on the Bottom

What sets them apart is that they’re adjustable at the bottom. If you usually feel like your toes are lifting off the ground during certain exercises, try these out. You’ll probably notice a huge difference.

2 cm Heel-Toe Drop

The 2 cm heel-toe drop is ideal for weightlifting. Runners will want a higher differential, but people who lift some serious weight want a stable, plat platform. 2 cm is comfortable, but flat enough to allow you to have your maximum performance.

Perfect for Wide-Feet

Another reason to buy them is if you have wide feet. You’ve probably struggled in the past to find a pair of weightlifting shoes that worked for you. Try out the Reebok Legacy Lifters and you’ll instantly notice a difference. They’re actually comfortable. Keep on reading for our full review

Reebok Legacy Lifter Specs

  • Low-cut design for maximum ankle flexibility
  • Weave in the upper for maximum air-flow
  • EVA midsole for excellent cushioning
  • Strong rubber grip for excellent traction
  • 2 cm heel-to-toe drop
  • Strap across the top for extra stability
  • 20.6 ounces, a bit heavier than some of other weightlifting shoes
  • TPU heel

Where to Buy these Weightlifting Shoes?

The best place to find these Oly weightlifting shoes is on Amazon. You can check them out for yourself over on Amazon:


Reebok Legacy Lifter Review

Reebok Legacy Lifter Women’s

Reebok also makes a women’s version of this popular Oly Lifting shoe. You can check them out over on Amazon:



Review of the Reebok Legacy Lifter for Women

For Lifters, by Lifters

The Reebok Legacy shoes were designed by CJ Cummings from the USA, who won gold at the 2016 Youth World Weightlifting Championships. We LOVE shoes that are designed and inspired by the athletes doing the sports.

We’re sure that you will too.

Reebok Legacy Lifter Weightlifting Shoe Pros

  • Can customize the bottom part of the shoe to your liking, unlike with many other brands
  • Well ventilated upper to keep your feet cool
  • Works well for people with wide feet
  • Can offer you a stable, secure platform for your ultimate athletic performance
  • Reebok is one of the most trusted names in athletic footwear
  • The straps keep your feet very stable in the shoe, and prevent them from sliding around
  • Nice design

Sounds like the right lifting shoe for you? Check them out over on Amazon:


What People are Saying about Reebok Legacy Lifter Weightlifting Shoes

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“I love that I have the option to fasten the bottom part of my foot to my liking. It’s actually the main reason I went with the Legacy Lifter over another brand. It’ll help you feet stay grounded during Olympic lifts. It used to feel like my toes were lifting off the ground, which I hated.”

“I used to normally just use cross-trainers for lifting, but I’m never going back! My base is now so much more stable, and I hate doing any sort of lifts without these things.”

“The Reebok Legacy Lifters and solid, and heavy but not clunky. Be aware: these shoes are only for lifting and not casually walking around in, or running a few minutes on the treadmill.”

Reebok Legacy Lifter Weightlifting Shoe Cons

  • The strap on the top is a little bit flimsy
  • Some reports that the velcro straps didn’t hold that well after a few months of hard use
  • Expensive compared to a basic pair of cross-trainers, or even Cross-Fit shoes

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Compare Oly Weightlifting Shoes

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Reebok Legacy vs Nike Romaleos

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The Takeaway on the Reebok Legacy Lifter Weightlifting Shoe

If you’re looking for a solid pair of lifting shoes, then the Reebok Legacy Lifters should be at the top of your list. This is particularly true if you have wide feet, or feel like your toes are always lifting on the ground during your workouts.

Reebok is one of the most trusted names in athletic shoes for good reason. They make some solid, durable shoes that will help you to achieve your maximum athletic performance.

Although not cheap, you certainly get what you pay for. If you’ve been using regular cross-trainers for lifting, you’ll notice a huge difference when it comes to lifting. Our guess is that your performance will improve because you’re not worried about what’s on your feet, and whether your shoes can handle the weight.

Buy Reebok Legacy Lifter Weightlifting Shoe 

You can find these Oly lifting shoes over on Amazon:


Reebok Legacy Lifters: Have your Say!

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