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Adidas Performance Women’s Powerlift .3 Cross-Trainer

The Adidas Performance Women’s Powerlift .3 Cross-Trainer is a top-quality weightlifting shoe. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced shoe that will help you achieve maximum results in the gym, you should consider this one from Adidas.

The Powerlift .3 is a newer version of the extremely popular and very highly-rated Adidas Powerlift .2. The main differences between the Powerlift 2 and the Powerlift 3 appear to be the addition of the following:

  • Air mesh lining for increased breathability
  • A wider strap for a tighter fit
  • An improved anti-slip outsole

If you’re looking for a shoe that will be handle any amount of weight you throw at it, this one from Adidas is a solid choice. While it’s mainly designed as a weightlifting shoe, it is flexible enough to handle small amounts of sprinting, jumping or rope-climbing that you’d encounter during the course of a CrossFit workout. But this shoe really does excel in workouts that are focused mostly on lifting.

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A Perfect Introduction to Weightlifting Shoes

If you’re looking for your first pair of lifting shoes, then these Adidas Performance Women’s Powerlift .3 should be one of your first choices. First of all, they’re a lot cheaper than some of the more serious lifting shoes. In general, they are around half the price of the more expensive weightlifting shoes.

Although they come in with a cheaper price-tag, the quality of these things is still high and they do what they’re designed to do—offer some good stability while lifting heavy weight. In particular, the heel to toe drop is ideal for someone looking to increase their weight while squatting.

The Adidas Performance Women’s Powerlift .3 is kind of a hybrid between these more substantial weightlifting shoes and Chuck Taylor’s or cross-training shoes, so it’s a good choice for beginners.

Adidas Performance Women’s Powerlift .3 Cross-Trainer Pros:

  • Low heel-to-toe drop, ideal for weightlifting
  • Lightweight leather upper is comfortable while supporting the ankles
  • Air mesh throughout for added breathability
  • Wide strap over laces for a secure and solid fit
  • Very stable platform for lifting weights
  • High density mid-sole for the Adidas Performance Women’s Powerlift .3

Adidas Powerlift 3 Women’s Cross-Trainers

Adidas Performance Women’s Powerlift .3 Cross-Trainer Cons:

  • Extra wide fit may not work well for those with narrow feet
  • Might be expensive for some (up into the $100 range)
  • Not designed for running or jumping although small amounts are fine

The biggest negative to the Adidas Powerlift 3 is the material in the heel. High density EVA is durable, and will possibly last for quite a while.

However, many of the more expensive weightlifting shoes contain TPU which is far more durable and rigid, despite being similar in weight. Another reason to opt for TPU over EPA is that EVA can compress slightly under extremely heavy loads, which some lifters may not want to happen.


If you’re looking for a super-comfortable weightlifting shoe, you’ve come to the right place. People love the Adidas Powerlift 3 because it is a very comfortable shoe that offers a really stable platform for lifting. With a few key improvements including the wider strap and increased air mesh throughout, Adidas has made this weightlifting shoe even more comfortable.


Adidas Powerlift 3 Women’s Shoes

The Adidas Powerlift 3 is kind of a hybrid between a tennis shoe and a serious weightlifting shoe. It’s for this reason that many people find it extremely comfortable. It’s not so dissimilar to what you’ve probably been wearing previously. But, it offers a bit of extra stability and protection when lifting some serious weight.


The Adidas Powerlift .2 Cross-Trainer is a not a good choice if you’re doing workouts that are heavy on the running. While they can handle a small amount of sprinting like you’d encounter during a CrossFit workout, they shouldn’t be used for any more than that.

They’re too heavy, stiff and have a low heel-to-toe drop. For these reasons, they don’t make good running shoes. If you’re looking for a pair of running shoes, consider any of the following: Shock-Absorbing Running Shoes.


These new lifting shoes from Adidas excel in the weight room. They have a minimal heel-to-toe drop which gives the user a really solid feeling.

The Adidas Performance Women’s Powerlift .3 grip the floor extremely well so you never have to worry about slipping while lifting heavy weights. The strap across the laces ensures a really solid fit. In short, they make an excellent weightlifting shoe for women!

If you have flat feet, but are looking for a solid weightlifting shoe, these ones from Adidas make a nice choice. They offer some serious support and stability and your feet will feel very comfortable, even after a long workout.

What People are Saying about the Adidas Performance Women’s Powerlift .3 Cross-Trainers:

“I’ve always used flat weightlifting shoes, but I started to have problems with my knees and lower back. My coach suggested these ones because they have a bit of a lift to them. I’m so happy I went with them. I’m rebuilding my heavy weight threshold and am injury free so far. They’re reasonably priced too.”

“The Adidas Powerlift Cross-Trainers are very comfortable, and I love the bright colour and fun design. They have some great arch support for my flat feet. They are very stable and I feel solid lifting in them. The only small negative is that I think the heel could be lifted a bit more than it is.”

“The Adidas Performance Women’s Powerlift .3 allow for a much more stable, deeper squat than was possible with the previous shoes I was using. Overall, a great weightlifting shoe for women at a reasonable price and I’d definitely recommend them.”

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Adidas Performance Women’s Powerlift.3.1 Cross-trainer Shoes Review

The Takeaway on the Adidas Performance Women’s Powerlift .3 Cross-Trainer

The Adidas Performance .3 Cross-Trainers are one of the best CrossFit shoes for workouts that are focused on weightlifting. They offer an extremely stable platform for lifting, which will help you achieve your personal bests. After all, you don’t want to have to worry about what’s going on with your feet when you’re trying to lift. These shoes won’t get in the way and they feel extremely secure and comfortable on your feet.

The Powerlift 2 was an extremely popular lifting shoe and we’re happy to see that Adidas improved them to make an even better one! We give the Powerlift .3 our recommendation here at Best CrossFit Shoes if you’re looking for a shoe to lift some weights in. You really can’t go wrong, especially when considering how affordably priced this top-quality shoe is.

Do you want an affordable, but top-rated weightlifting shoe that will offer you some serious stability on a heavy lift, or deep squat? Thought so. You can get the Adidas Powerlift 3 Women’s Training Shoes today. Shop now on Amazon:


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