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CrossFit is a worldwide fitness regime that mainly concentrates on the strength and conditioning of the body. This popular workout regime is actually an enormous mixed bag of various maneuvers ranging from jogging, squatting, and weight lifting to push-ups and pull-ups. It is quite a tactical and inclusive program that embraces aerobics, gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, as well as cardio exercises. Naturally, such a diversified workout program demands suitable gear to get accomplished. The apt shoes are the foremost imperative in that list.

On the other hand, running is an activity that is quite different from that of CrossFit training. Unlike CrossFit WODs that require lateral maneuvers for multiple roles, running or sprinting mainly focuses on the forward motion, and therefore its requirements are quite different from that of CrossFit WODs.

Running shoes are constructed for forward movement—in short, they are manufactured for providing good heel strike to toe-off. They stress on thicker midsoles and heels with more agility in the area of the toe, and they encompass thicker cushioning that advocates shock absorption while impacting the ground. This alleviates energy flow from legs to feet as runners dash forward. The soles of these shoes are arched so that the frontal tip of the shoe is curved upward and they enclose very prominent treads, which again act as an aid in trudging forward.

Features Necessary for Running Shoes

If you are going for any kind of workout, be it CrossFit or sprinting, the first and foremost thing that you just can’t ignore is bagging the right kind of shoes. This is because you can only achieve your targets if you are in good shape. Keeping that in mind, the right pair of shoes is the first thing that you should start with.

But choose your pair keeping in mind your body and your training needs, which differ from person to person. Nowadays, there is hardly any difference between the best women’s shoes and that of men’s except for the designs and colors of the shoes. Unisex shoes are also being manufactured by some brands as of late.

However, there are certain features that are essential in shoes for both men and women who run. They are as follows:

  1. Heel-to-toe drop
  2. Flexibility
  3. Durability
  4. Shoe weight
  5. Shock absorption

Let’s look at the first feature.

  • Heel-to-toe drop – The feature that you simply can’t miss is the heel-to-toe drop of running shoes. Shoes for running are most operative and safest with the least heel-to-toe drop, also known as the heel-to-toe differential or offset. This mainly points to the variance in between the heel elevation and the height of the forefoot, and for running, a shoe with a minimum heel-to-toe drop is your best choice; the closer one can get to being barefoot the better. If the foot is seated firmly in the shoe and the ball and heel of the foot is at the same height off the ground, in that case only, your shoe is a zero drop. The lesser the heel-to-toe difference, the less hard it is to land on your midfoot. This makes sure your step is secure and stable, and you’re also reducing the danger of knee, ankle, foot, and also back injuries.
  • Flexibility – It is quite obvious that runners require very flexible shoes the greater the miles they have to cover. Forward movements must be mandatory features for these shoes, as the sprinting requires that. Thus, for the shoes to be truly effective, they must be pretty flexible.
  • Durability – A durable shoe is a must for any type of training, as it has to undergo lots of pounding and still have to run that extra mile. So a durable shoe is mandatory for you because otherwise you will end up either hurting your feet or having to go for shoe shopping every other day.
  • Shoe weight – The apt shoes for CrossFit have to be light. Since sprinters need to jump or run, heavy shoes are the last thing that you can afford to have. Heavy shoes will definitely bog you down, and they serve as impediments to running.
  • Shock Absorption – Apart from the ones already mentioned, one problem that is quite common among runners is overpronation. One piece of advice for overpronators is that they should try to avoid neutral and minimal shoes, as they do not deliver ample support to their foot to correct the inward rolling and also don’t protect it from getting hurt. Shock absorption is one thing that is mandatory not only for the overpronators, but also for people who go for a sprint and have plans of pursuing it in the long run.

Unfortunately, such specifications are not always available, so here are some of the top-most shoes for shock absorption that includes these features. They are as follows:

New Balance 940 V2

New Balance Men's M940V2 Running ShoeNew Balance really looks into the issue of overpronation very seriously. It is quite a versatile offering from New Balance that not only is light, shock absorbing, and strong, but at the same time provides support and agility.

This shoe addresses the health issues quite differently. Firstly, it consist of a stable core that reduces unwarranted foot roll and tends to restore the alignment of your ankle throughout the stride. The superior cushioning of this shoe reduces the impression on the joints and thus minimizes pain.

The shoe also delivers a sturdy outward cover that raises stability and helps avert injury. This one is also very well ventilated and also generates the flow of energy while you run.


  • This one provides great support and stability to reduce overpronation
  • This one is quite a tough wear
  • The padding of the shoes reduces impact on the joints and reduces pain
  • This one is also ventilated


  • Some customers complain that they have faced issues with the size

Salomon XT Wings 2 Trail Running Shoe

Salomon Women's XT Wings 2 Trail RunnerThe XT Wings 2 is one of the best performers if you want to use this one for sprint. One of the reasons why the XT Wings 2 is a high-performance shoe is the unique construction that makes up the best of a real running shoe, with cutting-edge cushioning and stability. It provides cushioning, control, and vitality return. This offers the shoe a true suspension-like ability that absorbs the shock that’s manifested when running on rugged terrain.


  • This offers the shoe a true suspension-like ability that absorbs shock.
  • It is lightweight but highly durable
  • This one is very supportive and sturdy
  • It comes with a locking mechanism of the lacing system, a result of which, once engaged, is that they remain tucked in unobtrusively


  • According to some customers they are less durable than expected

Saucony Men’s ProGrid Ride 3 Running Shoe

Saucony Men's ProGrid Ride 3 Running ShoeThis one is another great product from Saucony that addresses the issue of pronation very seriously. It delivers fantastic stability with superior cushioning for absorbing excess impact on the foot while running.  It is well-aerated as well as moisture wicking. It also lasts long.


  • It is super comfortable
  • It delivers fantastic stability with superior cushioning for absorbing excess impact on the foot while running
  • It is very well ventilated
  • It also has the moisture-wicking feature
  • This one is a very durable

Asics Gel Kayano 20

ASICS Men's Gel Kayano 20 Running ShoeThis is one of the most groundbreaking presentations from Asics Gel that features a mesh and synthetic-based upper that is both formfitting as well as breathable. Thus, severe runners can use this to reduce discomfort while running, as it is very shock absorbing. Moreover, it also provides ample support and superior comfort to the wearer.


  • This one is feather light
  • It comes with a great cushion and provides ample support and thus absorbs shock
  • It also delivers great bounce while running
  • It offers a great fit


  • Some customers complain that the fabric is not up to the mark

Adidas Supernova Sequence 7

Adidas Supernova Sequence 7This one is designed for runners that prevents excessive inward rolling. It also comes with a cushioning that is quite responsive and shock absorbing and durable. As an additional feature it also works as an energy booster.


  • It is very comfortable
  • It provides great support while running as it facilitates a superior cushioning for absorbing shock
  • It is quite long lasting
  • It also boosts up the energy flow while running


  • It takes ample time to get used to according to some customers

These in short are some of the best shock-absorbing running shoes that you can start off with. Gradually through regular practices you get to know which type of shoe is actually apt for your body type and also which assist in achieving your targets.

Brian Westen

Brian Westen

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