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crossfit shoeCrossFit is a great way to get in shape. But how do you make sure that you stay safe doing it?

Having the right shoe is important for any kind of exercise. It lets you perform to the best of your ability while keeping you safe from any aches or injuries.

But if you have flat feet, you have to consider shoes much more carefully.

Many shoes were made with an arch in mind. And if you don’t have the right support, you can wind up with Plantar Fasciitis, or heel pain, which can make even activities like walking painful and difficult.

So, how do you pick the best CrossFit shoe for your body?

Avoid Running Shoes

Running shoes were made for forward motion. But this doesn’t take into account the versatile nature of CrossFit.

If you have flat feet, you need to give yourself every chance to keep your feet comfortable. So while it might be tempting to stick with your usual running shoes, it’s not worth the money you’ll save.

Opt for Cross Training shoes that let you move from side-to-side with ease. This will make sure that you can most effectively complete your workout without putting any strain on your feet.

This is good advice for anyone, but especially people with flat feet. Any limits in mobility can endanger you and give you damage down the line.

Test the Support of your CrossFit Shoe

One of the biggest things you should be looking for is support.

If you have flat feet, your arches don’t support themselves on their own. They need extra help in order to be comfortable and safe. So when looking for shoes, make sure you get the ones with the best support.

This will help to minimize any heel pain by making sure your shoes are properly cushioned and comfortable for you. It will be easier to work out when you’re properly supported.

Testing the support of shoes is easy. Simply place the toe of the shoe on the floor with the heel sticking up in the air. Then bend the heel down. If the shoe bends in the center, the support is bad.

Getting shoes with good support is the first step in keeping your feet safe and comfortable.

Look for Stabilizers

People with flat feet should look specifically for shoes with stabilizers.

This is because of what flat feet do when they’re working out. Essentially, the foot rolls inwards when landing, putting too much of the pressure on the big and second toe. This is what causes plantar fasciitis, as well as a myriad of other problems.

Stabilizers help distribute the impact and help to provide arch support to flatter feet. This will help minimize the damage done on landing, keeping these problems at bay.

Unlike the first two pieces of advice, this is one specifically for people with flat feet. While it may seem obvious, it bears repeating: shoes that were designed for your foot type are the best kind for you.

Finding CrossFit shoes with stabilizers is a great way for people with flat feet to make sure they can stay comfortable and healthy during workouts.

Get Slip Resistant Shoes

While this will depend on exactly what sort of exercise you’re doing, slip resistant shoes can be helpful.

With an extra grip on the floor, you can avoid rolling your ankle or similar injuries. It can also help to make sure that you don’t fall while doing more difficult exercises.

Many studies have been done to show which types of soles are the best for certain activities. You should do your research to find the ones that work best for your needs.

In general, though, it has been shown that polyurethane is the most slip resistant. So if you’re looking for something with a little extra grip, look for a CrossFit shoe that has this kind of sole to ensure ultimate grip.

Replace your CrossFit Shoe Regularly

Over time, shoes that once served you well may not anymore.

Shoes wear down with time. The padding and support will become flimsier and less effective. In addition, the tread can wear down, especially if you drag your feet.

WebMD suggests that you replace your shoes every few months. At the very least, you should be checking your shoes regularly for wear. If you start noticing that the treads of your shoes are worn down, or if you feel like the shoes are getting flimsier because the padding is wearing down, it’s time to buy a new pair of shoes.

This requires you to be conscious of your body at all times. Pain in your feet is another sign that it’s time to replace the shoes.

Replacing shoes so regularly is expensive. But taking care of your body is priceless.

Above All, Be Comfortable

At the end of the day, you know what feels right and comfortable for your body. And you know what doesn’t.

If you’re having foot pain, or if your shoe just doesn’t feel right, it’s time to seek out other options. You’ll notice a change if they start to get worn down, or if you’ve bought a pair of shoes that don’t effectively manage your feet.

Even with flat feet, all shoes and people are unique. You might have to shop around a bit to find a pair that really suits you.

Always remember to choose comfort over aesthetic. No one cares if your shoes match your outfit in CrossFit! Everyone around you just wants you to have a good time and stay safe.

So test out your CrossFit shoes, and make sure that they feel comfortable to you.

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