New Balance Men’s MX20v3 Minimus Mid-Cut Training Shoe Review

New Balance Minimum Cross-Trainer Review Pros: Synthetic body, comfortable, lightweight Cons: Limited colors Best Uses: Running, CrossFit workouts, gym If you workout a lot, you'll know that your choice of…
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New Balance Minimum Cross-Trainer Review

Pros: Synthetic body, comfortable, lightweight
Cons: Limited colors
Best Uses: Running, CrossFit workouts, gym

If you workout a lot, you’ll know that your choice of shoes is very important. They’ll keep your feet cool and comfortable, as well as prevent injuries. One of the most popular and new shoes on the market today is the MX20v3 Minimus.

It’s a very solid shoe at a reasonable price and makes a nice choice for running, CrossFit or other exercise classes. This cross-trainer from New Balance is stylish, and it does a good job at running, jumping, climbing or lifting. It might just be your go-to shoe for all around athletic workouts.

Flexible and comfortable

The Men’s MX20v3 is devoted to serving athletes and helping them complete their goals. This shoe is perfect for ankle support and is a nice choice for those who regularly sprain their ankles while playing sports or workout out.

It has a strong Vibram outsole that offers some serious durability. This shoe is comfortable and flexible to wear and many commenters on Amazon mentioned that the break-in period was extremely short. They just put the shoe on and it felt good.

Natural Feel and Solid Fit

We LOVE the new burrito style tongue that keeps your feet locked into place. After all, the last thing you want to be worried about during a serious workout is your feet sliding around.

They’re also a new asym collar that we found extremely comfortable. It’s like putting on your favourite pair of workout shoes, from the first time you wear them!

It’s a minimalist shoe that feels almost like you having nothing on your feet at times. If this is what you’re looking for, look no further than this amazing shoe from New Balance.

Responsive Midsole

There’s a lightweight REVlite midsole that enables quick and seamless transitions. This is exactly what you want during a serious CrossFit workout when you’re moving from jumping to running to lifting in short order.

Where to Buy New Balance Cross-Trainers

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New Balance Minimum Cross Trainer: Protection

This men’s sports shoe is constructed on the NL-1 last, which has a tailored but still leaves plenty of wiggle room in the forefoot. It excels at providing an additional amount of ankle support for those who require it.

New Balance Minimum Trainer: Running & Weightlifting

This popular shoe is also great for the gym and for heavy weighty squat days. The high cut offers more lateral support that many other cross-training shoes on the market today. It’s also very light, making it a nice choice for sprinting or other short runs such as you would encounter in a CrossFit workout.

New Balance Cross-Trainers Review

New Balance Minimum Cross-Training Shoes: Summary

The Minimus New Balance Men’s MX20v3 shoe will guard your feet and assist you in staying relaxed. It’s very comfortable and offers a nice level of support, especially in the ankles. If you’re looking for a top-quality athletic shoe at a very reasonable price, this one is it!

It comes with our solid two-thumbs up recommendation here at Best CrossFit shoes. Most people that use it are very happy with it, and find that it works well for their CrossFit workouts.

You can get the New Balance Minimus from Amazon today:


New Balance Minimum Cross-Trainer: Have your Say!

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New Balance Minimus Training Shoe Review

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