Reebok CrossFit Lite Training Shoe for Men


Reebok CrossFit Lite Training Shoe Review

The Reebok CrossFite Lite Training Shoe for Men is a different kind of CrossFit Shoe. The style and design are similar to old-school hi-top Converse shoes. However, Reebok has incorporated the latest innovations and turned out one of the best CrossFit shoes of 2017 for CrossFit Workouts focused on lifting. We love the Reebok CrossFit Lite Training Shoe and we think you’ll be happy with them too.

The Reebok CrossFit Lite Training shoe for Men has a ton of features that will help you achieve your maximum athletic performance. Some of these include great features include a padded tongue to ensure a comfortable fit, non-slip rubber sole for extra stability when lifting, sock-liner cushioning for added comfort, heel clip for added stability when lifting, and a wide toe box for those serious leg workouts.

You can easily get one of the best weightlifting CrossFit shoes of 2017 on Amazon today:

Reebok CrossFIt Lite Training Shoe Pros:

  • Unique design in a huge array of colours
  • Retro feel
  • Latest technology from Reebok
  • Serious grip on the outsole
  • Sock-liner style fit
  • Padded tongue to minimize chafing
  • Low heel to toe drop for weightlifting
  • Reasonable price for such a high quality product

Reebok CrossFit Lite Training Shoe Cons:

  • Not ideal for running
  • Some reviewers don’t like the rounded toe
  • Some people think they look cooler in Amazon pics than in real life!


If you’re searching for the best CrossFit shoe for workouts focused on running, these ones are not it. There isn’t enough cushioning, and the heel to toe drop is too minimal. The toe box is also too big and you will likely feel pretty clumsy while running in them.

If you’re looking for some shoes that are perfect for sprinting heavy CrossFit workouts, then a better choice would be the Reebok CrossFit Sprint ShoeThey have an adequate heel to toe drop for running, a smaller toe box and extra cushioning. The Reebok CrossFit sprint is actually the opposite of these shoes-mostly designed for running but can handle a bit of lifting too.


While the Reebok CrossFit Lite Training Shoes aren’t great for running, where they do excel is lifting. It’s in fact what they’re designed for and you’ll likely be very happy having them on your feet for your next heavy weight workout! They are perfect for weightlifting because of the small heel to toe drop, rounded and roomy toe box, non-slip carbon rubber heel,  and a heel clip for added stability when lifting.

The Takeaway on the Reebok CrossFit Lite Training Shoe for Men:

If you like to do CrossFit workouts heavy on the lifting, the Reebok Men’s Crossfit Lite TR Training Shoe are the shoe for you. They are very stylish, with a retro feel to them, but the best part is that they have all the latest technology from Reebok. They are made for lifting and you’ll feel extremely stable when wearing them for any sort of arm or leg lifting workout.

However, they’re not for running, so keep them in mind when purchasing them. You can easily get this top-quality CrossFit shoe from Reebok on Amazon today:



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