Review of Inov-8 Bare-XF 260 Shoes


CrossFit is already considered an extreme sport by some fitness purists, and when you add barefoot running to your daily workouts, they think you’re insane. Barefoot running not only pushes your endurance levels even farther, it also provides you with plenty of chances to injure yourself. To safely get through your daily CrossFit warmup exercises, and complete your amazing barefoot run, you need a pair of training shoes that give you stability and support while still letting you experience the feel of the trail. With that in mind, we found a pair of minimalist running shoes that will keep you running over any trail you’re daily workout requires.

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Key Features of Inov-8 Bare-XF 260 Shoes

As a CrossFitter, you are always trying to improve your performance and set new personal records. Minimalist running shoes help give you that edge with their extremely lightweight design. With the innovative features of Inov-8 Bare XF 260 shoes, you get this and more. Some of the other key features of these athletic shoes include:

  • Mesh covering that helps keep your feet cool and dry even during your most strenuous runs.
  • Durable rubber sole that gives you the stability you need to quickly cover miles and the support to get through the entire CrossFit warmup exercises.
  • Lightweight construction that makes these shoes ideal for shaving seconds off your personal times.
  • Flex grooves that give your feet complete freedom of movement for faster reflex times.

Advantages of Minimalist Shoes

Minimalist shoes are a great way for you to get even more from your CrossFit WODs. Their lightweight design gives you that extra push you need to set a new record while still being able to protect your feet. When the pressure is on to do your best, you need a pair of shoes that give you an advantage. With the flex groove technology, you can go from a fast sprint immediately to your rope climbing repetitions and lifting exercises without having to stop.

  • Bare-XF 260 Shoes Front

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The minimal support gives you the feeling of running barefoot while still protecting your toes. The innovative lacing support means that you never have to worry about losing your shoes, even when you are in the midst of a rope challenge. Whether you simply love barefoot running or are trying to challenge your own personal best, these minimalist running shoes will give you the advantage you need to succeed.

About Inov-8

This British athletic shoe company puts most of their energy into designing innovative barefoot running shoes that let you experience your off-road runs in a new way. Founded in 2003, they have quickly become one of the leading names in off-road running.


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The Inov-8 Men’s Bare-XF 260 running shoes give you all the advantages you need to perform at your personal best. Watch seconds fall off your personal times and experience the stability and support of the shoes while you are running. Switch between your different workouts without having to stop, and see what it’s like to never lose your momentum.

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