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You don’t have to own any equipment to do CrossFit workouts and exercises, but it is nice to have. The freedom to use your own equipment whenever and however you want is a liberating experience, and you will notice a difference in your workouts. If you have ever gotten strange looks for doing CrossFit in a regular gym, you’ll love being able to do all of your WODs in private, and you don’t have to pay monthly membership fees.

With just a few pieces of exercise equipment, you can start to build your own personal fitness center. To help you get started, we put together a CrossFit equipment list that includes everything from the basic ropes and kettlebells to the extras like mats, rollers, and even a rowing machine. Pick and choose your equipment for your own unique CrossFit experience, or simply read through our list and get ideas for your next WOD.

Recommended CrossFit Equipment List

Buy Jump Ropes Double Unders Jump Rope

This jump rope will let you do double and speed jumps and is available is several cool colors. The durable plastic handles come with a two-year warranty, and the rope’s length is easily adjustable. With a 10′ length, this rope is long enough for jumpers 6’6 and under.

CAP Barbell 15 -Pounds Kettlebell

These versatile kettlebells are great for strength training and fast repetitions. They weight 15 lbs a piece and were designed for a total-body strengthening and muscle-toning workout. A thirty-day warranty is also included with the kettlebells.

Abmat abdominal exerciser and core trainer with DVD

Just because your CrossFit WOD calls for sit-ups and other core strengthening exercises doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. This mat supports your lower back without rolling, so you can concentrate on pushing yourself to your limits.

j/fit Medicine Ball

This durable workout ball protects and cushions your lower back to help you avoid injuries and muscle strains. The 14” ball’s unique design will hold its shape throughout your entire workout and help you keep your balance. Complete all your core-strengthening reps faster and feel the difference in your muscles.

#1 Resistance Power Band | Size: 1/2″ x 4.5mm Resistance: 5-35lbs

This tough and durable jump rope was designed for speed and vertical jumps. Improve your jump times for your strength training exercises, and eliminate back pain with the ropes flexible construction. This rope is available in several different weights, and they all include a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

ProSource Exercise Fitness Gymnastic Rings

With so many of the Hero workouts and CrossFit challenges requiring multiple sets of pull-ups, push-ups, iron crosses, and more, these exercise rings can help you accomplish them all. Capable of bearing up to 1,000 lbs, you know that these rings will support you through everything. Work all of your muscles and improve all of your CrossFit times with these easy to install gymnastic rings.

Free Shipping Black Poly Dac Strength Training Undulation Conditioning Battle Fitness Exercise Rope 2″ x 100′

This military grade training and jump rope is waterproof and weatherproof, and it can be used for most of your CrossFit rope training exercises. Jump, climb, and even use it in competition rope battling challenges. The three-strand poly dacron design can stand up to anything. A bonus DVD with eighteen exercises, all intended to maximum your strength training workouts, is also included.

Apex Roman Chair/Hyper Extension Bench

This steel and leather-padded extension bench makes it easy for you to stretch out your muscles before and after your workouts. The bench also supports you throughout your sit-ups and other core-strengthening exercises. The foam leg holders are also adjustable, so you can be supported no matter your position.

SKLZ Speed Resistance Training Parachute with Free SKLZ Carry Bag

If you are training for one of CrossFit’s marathons or even if you simply want to build up your endurance, this quick-release parachute can dramatically increase your leg strength and speed. The Velcro closure keeps the parachute firmly in place until you quickly release it when ready. A free training guide is also included with the parachute.

CAP Barbell Wrist Wrap with Thumb Loop

If you are using a lot of CrossFit’s weight training exercises, then you need to make sure your wrists are protected. These lightweight and comfortable wrist wraps give your wrist the added stability you need for all of your free-weight reps without hindering your movements. A thirty-day warranty is also included with these injury-preventing wrist wraps.

Functional Fitness Pull up Assistance / CrossFit 41in Loop Resistance Exercise Band Set – #3, #4, #5 – 30 – 250 lbs (14 – 113 kg) Resistance / Assistance

You can use these bands throughout your daily workouts. From stretching exercises to pull-ups and weightlifting, these resistance bands can be customized to fit your CrossFit needs. A detailed description and instructional booklet is included with the bands to help you decide which exercises are best for your needs. Also included with the band’s purchase is a thirty-day manufacturer’s warranty.

Titan Power Rack Squat Deadlift HD Lift Cage Bench Racks stand cross fit

One important item to note is that this cage bench comes with J hooks and NOT the shorter pins. The locking pins are J pins and are 1” in diameter. There are 28 holes, placed 2” apart for plenty of options, and the bench has a weight capacity of 700 lbs. Constructed from 12 gauge steel, this strong and long-lasting workout bench is perfect for many of your daily CrossFit workouts.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM3

If you are going to splurge on a complete full-body workout machine, then this adjustable indoor rowing machine was designed for you. The quiet flywheel design makes it perfect for any indoor home gym, and the adjustable footrest fits almost any shoe size. A quick release frame makes it easy to store the rowing machine when it is not being used. A five-year warranty is also included on the machine’s frame.

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