Choosing the Best CrossFit Shoes for High Arches


The Best CrossFit Shoes for High Arches

People with high arches often find it difficult to perform several activities related to sports. The arch is the middle portion of the lower surface of the feet. Certain people have low arches (flat feet) but many of us have high arches.

Activities such as running, rock climbing, jumping, or a serious CrossFit workout can cause serious problems for people with high arches. In order to keep achieving the desired fitness results, shoes must be used that reduce the problems related to higher arches. There are many companies that manufacture shoes for preventing the problems faced by people with this condition. Let us dig into the market to figure out the several brands available.

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ASICS Women’s GEL Training Shoe

Asics is a well-known brand when it comes to the manufacture of sportswear. This particular model of sports shoe is full of technology. The material used for making this shoe is synthetic mesh. The sole of the shoe is made of rubber; as a result, high pressure is withstood with ease. It is absolutely comfortable for those with a high arch. The cushion in the interior consists of gel, which makes it comfortable for people with high arches.

You can get this popular CrossFit shoe for people with high arches on Amazon:


  • Comfortable for people with high arches
  • Efficient handling of high pressure
  • Anti-frictional interior
  • Comfortable to wear for running long distance


  • Rubber sole can get damaged on rough roads

ASICS Men’s GEL-Craze TR 2 Training Shoe

The material used for manufacturing this particular shoe is synthetic mesh. This shoe is designed especially for carrying out several sports-related activities including CrossFit. The lower portion of the internal part of the shoe consists of rearfoot gel, which keeps high arches comfortable. Running for long hours does not result in pain of the arches.

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The sole in this particular sports shoe is very flexible, which results in its proper functioning even when the weight load is on the higher side. This footwear is light in weight, which allows movement at a fast pace with ease. If you want to perform efficiently in the gym, then this is the footwear you are looking for.

You can get this high arch CrossFit shoe on Amazon:


  • Keeps high arches comfortable
  • Eases movement of the legs
  • Light in weight


  • People with normal arches cannot wear this shoe
  • The outer part of the soul is made of rubber, which is subjected to tear in harsh conditions.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Fortius TR Cross-Training Shoes

Asics is known across the world because of the great quality products it manufactures. When it comes to different types of footwear, Asics has the solution ready on the table. This particular footwear is not manufactured in the USA, but it can be ordered online.

The material used for making this shoe is synthetic mesh. The sole provided in the shoe is synthetic; as a result it can withstand every harsh condition during training either in the gym or in the open environment. These are the best shoes for running long distance and it is manufactured especially for men with high arches. The engineering of this particular product makes sure that you rise in terms of your performance in the gym.

You can get this pair of best CrossFit shoes for high arches on Amazon:


  • Friction resistant
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Proper air circulation in the internal part of the shoes
  • Affordable price
  • Made especially for running, climbing ropes, and lifting weights


  • Not manufactured in the USA, extra cost might be added for importing the product

NIKE Women’s Free TR Fit 2

This particular footwear is available in many colors and is made of synthetic mesh. The shoe is designed by one of the most reputed sportswear companies in the world: Nike The engineering of this shoe keeps the need of the wearer in mind. The shoe is made for long-distance running and rope climbing. The construction of this particular shoe is made without using any thread. Because of its seamless approach, irritation is avoided.

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The feet are kept dry and cool by the breathability of the mesh used for making the shoe. The flexibility of this shoe is one of the most amazing features of the boot. The joints between the different parts of the shoe cannot be felt by our foot; as a result we can easily focus on our exercises rather than concentrating on the shoe stitches. The arch support in the shoe keeps high arches well placed and does not create any problem for women with high arches.

Check out the Nike Women’s Free TR Fit 2 on Amazon today:


  • The foot is supported efficiently by this footwear
  • The foot stays dry even after long hours of working out
  • Good experience while running long distances
  • Very smooth ride


  • Price may seem high for certain people
  • The heels are squeezed when worn, which might be a problem sometimes

RYKA Women’s Enhance 2 Cross-Training Shoe

If you are looking for the perfect shoe with all the qualities of a CrossFit training shoe for high arches, this particular footwear model is the right for you. The synthetic mesh used for making this shoe makes the product very useful for working out in hard conditions. This shoe helps its user boost up her performance in the gym.

The weight of this shoe is extremely light, which allows it to be the best ride. The rubber sole makes sure it performs well in all conditions. This particular shoe is very flexible. The RYKA cross training shoe is specially designed to match the criteria of a female foot; as a result the performance of the shoe is very useful for a woman with high arches.

You can find this top-quality Cross-training shoe for people with high arches on Amazon:


  • Removable sock liner
  • Lightweight
  • Useful footwear for working out
  • Flexible
  • Affordable price
  • Fabulous grip


  • Not manufactured in USA, additional cost is charged for importing the product
  • The stitch can cause irritation in the foot

New Balance Women’s WX608V3 Cross-Training Shoe

When it comes to athletics, women with high-arched feet face serious troubles competing with their full force. Normal shoes do not fit their feet; as a result their performance is hampered. After a certain period, women with high arches feel tremendous pain in their legs. The problem is not with their stamina or strength, but with the structure of their arches. In order to fight such problems, many companies have come up with CrossFit training shoes for high-arched women. Such a brand is New Balance, which has come up with WX608V3.

This particular shoe consists of a seamless phantom liner, which keeps irritation away. The cushions built inside the footwear allows the high arch to stay comfortable. The footbed is made of EVA foam, which makes it one of the most comfortable shoes to slip the foot into. The most amazing feature of this product is that it is available in both rubber and leather.

You can find one of the best CrossFit shoes for high arches on Amazon:


  • Affordable price
  • Good support for high arches
  • Less irritation
  • Very comfortable wear
  • Washable
  • Great footwear for practicing Cross Fit workouts


  • Might not fit certain sized feet
  • The rubber sole can get damaged on rough roads
  • It is designed for lifting weight and might not work great for climbing ropes and regular running

The list mentioned above shows the top six shoes for CrossFit training. All of these shoes are made for high arches. If you have high arches, you can select from the above and choose the best footwear for your use. It is better to look for the benefits you can gain and whether the shoes fit your feet. Just keep in mind that the shoes affect your performance in the gym, so make sure you choose the best footwear that will help you achieve your maximum athletic performance.

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