Best Flat Feet Crossfit Shoes for Men and Women


The Best CrossFit Shoes for Flat Feet

More often than not, people that suffer from flat feet find themselves deterred from participating in CrossFit. This is due to the expected and perceived levels of discomfort. Since people with flat feet don’t have enough of an arch, the sole of the foot tends to come in contact with the ground resulting in an increased amount of trauma and impact. You should note that flat feet is a postural issue due to the fact that it directly impacts the ability to perform the tasks that are associated with CrossFit.

If you have flat feet and are interested in participating in this popular fitness plan, it is imperative that you find training shoes that are able to deliver adequate levels of support and comfort. Below, we have compiled a listing of the very best options for CrossFit participants that suffer from flat feet.

Are you ready to find your next CrossFit shoe?  Keep on reading for our top recommendations for flat feet CrossFit shoes.

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Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0 Athletic Shoes

These top-quality training shows are constructed of a combination of synthetic and leather materials. They are expressly designed for performance that is best described as high octane. Sounds familiar?  We’re talking about a typical CrossFit workout!

The shoe is outfitted with forefoot flex grooves that afford it with an enhanced amount of flexibility. This is needed in order to maintain a pace that is competitive. You’ll be able to push yourself to attain personal bests during your workout.

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Additionally, the CrossFit Nano 4.0 Athletic Shoes contain a low profile allowing feet to remain as close to the ground as possible. The EVA midsole delivers comfort that protects feet against the brunt of powerful strides. The upper has been expressly designed and constructed with lateral support in mind given that it is heavily needed for proper participation within the CrossFit fitness regimen.

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New Balance Men’s MX20v4 Minimus Training Shoe

This is a sleek pair of training shoes that are far from ostentatious. The MX20V4 training shoes have been constructed with an impeccable marriage between balance and comfort. They are outfitted with Vibram soles that afford them a high level of flexibility. They also maximized acceleration that is void of loss in regards to stability and balance.

The training shoes are more than ideal for all of the elements that are associated with CrossFit workouts. The insoles receive an antimicrobial treatment which allows for the shoes to be worn minus socks (if desired) and there will be no bad smells!

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Merrell Men’s Trail Glove 3 Trail Running Shoe

This shoe has been a firm trailblazer in regards to off-road training shoes. This barefoot flux glove sport is the direct result of approximately 30 years of testing and research. The Merrell Men’s Train Glove 3 Minimal Shoe is widely respected as the latest evolution of the very best offering of off-road performance shoes to date.

The minimalist is constructed expressly for the delivery of support and comfort while integrated with a microfiber footbed as well as a 4mm compression molded EVA midsole cushion. The glove sole is comprised of man-made Vibram.  The outer sole is TC-1 as a measure of ensuring that the shoe is capable of tackling high speeds on a variant of surface types. Additionally, the footbed of the minimalist training shoes are treated with an AEGIS antibicrobial solution as a measure of resisting odour. No more smelly feet? Love it!

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Inov-8 Bare XF 260 Shoe

With the Inov-8 Bare XF 260 shoe allows men with flat feet the ability to train just as effectively as those with a proper arch in their feet. It does need to be noted that they are not the most attractive shoes. However, they will afford users with high levels of performance. The shoes weigh in at an estimated 8.3 ounces, which makes them among the lightest trainers that are currently available for men.

Want to run and feel like nothing is on your feet? These shoes from Inov-8 might be for you.

If you need a minimalist shoe that can withstand a tough workout, consider this one. It’s one of the best around. You can check out the reviews for yourself on Amazon:

The Inov-8 presents users with a combination of a ROPE-tec grip and a guidance system that affords 360 degrees of flexibility, support and stability for an enhanced offering of acceleration. This acceleration is accompanied by a decreased amount of drag. This training shoe is more than ideal for a variant of activities whether indoors or outdoors.

If you’ve never tried minimalist shoes, check these ones out. We’re confident you’ll love them!

ASICS Women’s Rhythmic 3 Dance Shoe

This shoe has been entirely constructed of polyester and is outfitted with rubber soles. They have been designed for women that tend to be active while requiring incredible comfort. There is GEL cushioning system within the rear foot of the dance shoe that offers great support for the heels, which people with flat feet require. This level of support is more than ideal for CrossFit activities given that they require precision, balance as well as speed. It’s a great combination!

Although the overall styling o the shoe is understated, it is far from boring. The side blue accents of the Asics Women’s Rhythmic 3 Dance Shoe is beautifully contrasted with black. They are lightweight yet highly durable and stylish.

Inov-8 Bare XF 210 Shoe

This is a shoe that features an innovative design that is accompanied by all of the bare essentials needed in order to tackle the fitness regimen of CrossFit. The training shoes have been expressly designed and constructed to perfectly fit the natural biomechanics of the human foot. There is a Zero Drop heel to toe differential and it is made specifically for women that possess extremely flat feet.

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ROPE-tec is coupled with TPU lacing support affords user with adjustment that is easy without the need for tying or retying the shoes after each session. Additionally, the upper air mesh delivers a proper amount of ventilation so that the feet are not closed off for extended periods of time.

PUMA Women’s Malta Lace Cross Training Shoe

Sharp twists and turns, high impact running and more. This is a typical CrossFit workout. Woman suffering from flat feet will need a shoe that can withstand it all and this is just that shoe.T

his is a shoe whose design language has been based upon a double layer mesh upper that allows the shoes to be highly lightweight. This design language also allows the shoes to be visually pleasing as well as impeccably flexible for the completion of high impact activities. Given that CrossFit has plenty of sharp twists and turns, high impact running and more; woman suffering from flat feet will need a shoe that can withstand it all and this is just that shoe. It’s breathable, light, comfortable and we think you’ll love it.

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The exterior and the interior of the shoe have been constructed of materials that are expressly man-made. Its midsole affords users with lightweight EVA cushioning. The outsoles are feather inspired and able to assist in the negotiation of rough terrain. Sounds like just what you need in an athletic shoe? We think so!

Flat Feet CrossFit Shoes: The Conclusion

Not that you have been made aware of the very best footwear options for flat feet, there is nothing stopping you from engaging in a serious CrossFit workout. Each of the options that have been presented will deliver the support, flexibility, comfort, durability and functionality that is needed for the fitness program. Check out these CrossFit shoes for flat feet today! And get ready for some serious results from your workout routine.

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